The Best Professions to Marry

While there are no good and bad professions to marry into, some do have more perks than others. Here are the top four professions to marry and what makes them so great. If you marry any of these professionals, you’ll be in for a treat! Teachers Most women love children. Whether it’s because they have such close relationships, being the ones that give birth to them, or because they are just so sensitive to cute creatures, we may never know. However, we do know it's a little rarer to find … [Read more...]

This Is What My Perfect Wedding Should Be Like

Pledging allegiances to someone is not just restricted to politics and international conflicts. All is fair in love and war, they say, but loving your soulmate has an end product that’s much more beautiful than wars or conflicts—the sanctity of marriage. The words “I do” are enough to send heavy chills down one’s spine. You both have come a long way; both you and your bae have worked hard for this moment, the holistic moment where you’d be pronounced Man and Wife. Among all the other things … [Read more...]