Maternity Must-Have: Top Picks for Dresses and Underwears for Pregnancy

Being pregnant is undeniably a huge blessing no matter the situation you are in. However, it is also inevitable that a pregnant woman is frequently uncomfortable because of the hormonal adjustments happening in her body. This is no surprise because after all, she is growing another human being in her belly. Nevertheless, the way you dress can make a significant impact not only in terms of your comfort, but how you feel about yourself as well, particularly when you are pregnant.  Thus, … [Read more...]

The Benefits Of Knowing Your Pregnancy Due Date

When you're pregnant for the first time, figuring out exactly how to calculate your due date might seem a little confusing. This is because, in the medical profession, they include the first 14 days or so before you are actually pregnant as being pregnant. Confused? Let’s explain a little more clearly. So, in medical terms, the first day of your last period is when you start counting the days of your pregnancy. Even though for some of this time you’re technically not pregnant, this method is … [Read more...]

Maternity Clothes 101: A Buying Guide for Mothers-to-Be

For many women, the news of a pregnancy is met with sheer excitement. But this period can be anxiety inducing and completely draining, too. In 2016, there were approximately 3,945,875 births across the United States, signaling millions of moms who welcomed their bundles of joy into the world. But before your little one is born, you’ll experience approximately 40 weeks of pregnancy. While this time can be very magical, it’s not all fun and games. Women are more likely to become moms now than … [Read more...]

5 Comfortable Maternity Bras You Need Right Now

While looking for maternity bras, one may quickly notice there are an endless amount of options available; however, it is important to realize that not all bras are created equally. Just because a bra looks lovely on a model or mannequin, it does not mean it will fit you exactly the way you want. What is a Maternity Bra? During pregnancy, your breast size changes; however, each woman is different regarding how quickly and how much their breasts grow. A maternity bra is designed to provide … [Read more...]

Make Maternity Clothing Fun – Choose Fashionable Clothes Online

Staying in shape might always not be possible for women. Especially, during pregnancy! But when you scroll through the top women fashion bloggers in your social media sites, you can't but help the way they dress, even with the baby bump. Not a single body part or pound looks out of place. These women make pregnancy look fun, effortless and of course fashionable. Not the words that most women would be able to relate with pregnancy. But staying in style during those nine months isn't tough as … [Read more...]