6 Great Nursing Career Paths for Moms

Nursing is one of the best career options for moms. You can choose the hours you work, and whether you want to work weekends, nights or standard business hours. You can be paid well for part-time nursing work and earn a premium for overtime or on an as-needed basis.  You also can find a job virtually anywhere, and you can choose where you want to work. That means you could work at the local nursing home as well as the hospital. However, you can also choose career paths within nursing … [Read more...]

Can You Earn Your Nursing Degree Online?

For most people, getting a degree nowadays isn’t nearly as essential as it was 10 years ago.  Although many students still dream of holding their well-deserved diploma, expensive tuition fees add to bills and everyday taxes, eventually crossing college off of their wishlist.  Fortunately, online degree programs are available and can solve most (if not all) of the aforementioned issues. Students can graduate from a quality online institution and get a high-paying and high-demand job. … [Read more...]

6 Skills Nursing Employers Are Looking For

The healthcare industry is rife with problems. Registered Nurses receive more than their fair share of trials and obstacles across the industry. Standing out from other job candidates is always a battle – especially in the healthcare industry. Nursing employers deal with a lot of turnaround on a monthly basis. Receiving a bachelor of science in nursing at Gwynedd Mercy University will give you the training necessary to enter the nursing profession, however, while you may have the degree, a well … [Read more...]