Can Lumbar Support Devices Relieve Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a general problem that affects every person from athletes and manual laborers to truck drivers and people with desk jobs. Lower back pain can be caused by bad posture, muscle injuries, age-related spinal problems, or in some cases just bad luck. It is debilitating and frustrating and it can be hard to treat. One general remedy is using lumber support devices to take pressure off your spine. This permits the muscle in your back to relax and recover as well. Lumbar … [Read more...]

How to Adapt a Holistic Approach to Pain Management

It’s a pain. This sentence signifies something uncomfortable and irritating. Something you would love to get rid of. Something you just don’t want with yourself. Pain is always there for us. It usually bothers us when we least expect it or when we really don’t want it. Some call it fate, some call it bad luck. Doctors just call it pain and give you drugs to channel it out. These drugs simply numb that part of your body that’s experiencing pain. They don’t get rid of the cause and when this … [Read more...]