Best Parental Control App – FamiSafe Review

It is a fact well acknowledged that technology is a double-edged weapon. It has tonnes of advantages, but at the same time, it possesses highly lethal disadvantages. Adults well understand these disadvantages, but for children, they are just another warning they prefer not to listen. To them, everything is about being cool, and being watched by their parents or listening to adults is not so cool.  Hence, you need a robust backup to control what they stream or surf on the Internet. Your … [Read more...]

Monitor, Manage And Track Your Family In A Single Touch

Family Orbit is comprehensive parental control app to prevent your family. Nowadays crime rate is increasing in high range. These crimes are mostly against children and women. To overcome these circumstances, a parental control app Family orbit is designed to monitor and control your family. This advancement in technology makes the parents feel free and aware of what their children may be doing with their phones.It is essential to monitor your kid’s mobile phone activities; else it will put you … [Read more...]