How Do I Put Parental Controls on My Computer?

The Internet makes everything easy to access. From your favorite television shows to hair-raising global news, the things you want to access are but a click away. As great as this is, though, it does have some downsides if you have little kids around. Plenty of youngsters these days have access to computers. It’s important to implement parental controls on these devices to reduce the risk of children viewing inappropriate content on the web and performing other actions, like deleting work … [Read more...]

Best Parental Control App – FamiSafe Review

It is a fact well acknowledged that technology is a double-edged weapon. It has tonnes of advantages, but at the same time, it possesses highly lethal disadvantages. Adults well understand these disadvantages, but for children, they are just another warning they prefer not to listen. To them, everything is about being cool, and being watched by their parents or listening to adults is not so cool.  Hence, you need a robust backup to control what they stream or surf on the Internet. Your … [Read more...]

Benefits of Parental Control Apps

In today’s world,it is just not possible without the internet. And nowadays not only the elders but the kids in the family are also getting addicted to the internet, which is definitely an alarm to danger. If you have kids in your family and they are always busy with mobiles and laptops then this is the right time you need to monitor his or her online activities. As the world of internet is filled with wonders and excitements there is also dangerous threats that your kid is never aware of. So as … [Read more...]