Alpha Males vs Beta Males: A Woman’s Perspective

The alpha male versus beta male debate has been going on for some time. Do women generally favor alpha male traits that are supposedly more attractive? The short answer is yes but a beta male isn’t all bad, and most men actually fall somewhere between the two.  Who Is An Alpha Male? An alpha male is a confident and strong-willed man who is usually but not always charismatic. He knows what he wants and is a classic go-getter who is a strong believer in self-improvement. It is … [Read more...]

Ways To Show You’re In Charge For Good

Don’t you wish sometimes you could let people know that you’re in charge and able to achieve everything you set your mind to? It’s a natural desire, especially when you consider that too many adults struggle to make room for themselves in their personal and professional circle. Ultimately, being in charge is not about having everyone do as you say. It’s a matter of proving that you know what you’re doing and earning respect you’re due. Life is filled with challenges and obstacles you need to … [Read more...]