Tips On How To Make a DIY Newborn Photoshoot For Your Baby

Welcoming a new baby to the family is always a big, special and wonderful occasion. People want to cherish every minute and now, thanks to technology and all possibilities, it’s possible to preserve these short, passing moments. Children grow fast, especially at the very beginning - it may seem like your newborn changes more with every day (they really do). That’s why so many parents decide on photoshoots for their babies - it’s a remarkable souvenir for the whole family. There are those who … [Read more...]

What Every Aspiring Photographer Needs to Make it in the World of Photography

The world of arts is limitless and anybody has the ability to hone their skills and ability to make intricate masterpieces. While others may be keener on painting, drawing and illustrations, others have the eye to capture moments in stills.  If you opt to nurture your talent for the latter, then here are some tips that will definitely aid you to make it in the world of photography. Get to know your camera The first thing that you need to do in order to be able to guarantee … [Read more...]

Qualities of a Photographer You Want for Your Wedding

You want to take the best photos of your wedding since it’s your big day. Therefore, even if you already have lots of expenses, you need to spend enough money to hire the best wedding photographer. Find someone who specializes in wedding photos to ensure quality results. These are the qualities to consider when you hire a wedding photographer, whether they have a photo studio or not. Experienced You can find several photographers, but not all of them specialize in wedding pictures. They … [Read more...]

10 Smart Strategies To Get Amazing Newborn Photos

Adjust the Angle A traditional photo can offer a completely different perspective with a slight change in the photographer's angle. By adjusting the camera to look from above, rather than straight across, you can create a shot that helps the viewer to imagine a protector or previous generations of loved ones looking in on the newborn from above. In a group shot, this angle helps focus to remain on the newborn, rather than on the faces of the other family members. Temperature Individuals … [Read more...]

Dressing Your Baby for a Photoshoot: Tips to Understand

It is not an easy job to arrange the perfect portrait session for your newborn. If you are living in a metropolitan city, chances are that you are going to get overwhelmed with the number of photographers, who will want to click your baby. However, it is crucial that you choose someone who has the best idea about family photography or newborn photography. There are numerous photo styles that you have the option of choosing from. Before anything else, it is crucial that you decide on what your … [Read more...]

Beginner & Intermediate Photography Workshops at Best Buy This Weekend!

When I bougt my DSLR camera I wanted to learn as much as I could about it. I read books, watched videos online and much more. If you have a new camera, or are looking to learn more, I'm excited to tell you about the Best Buy Photography Workshop Tours going on! First off - If you didn't know, Best Buy has a wonderful Camera Experience Shop. I have visited my store's Shop and it's just like visiting a specialty camera store but in the middle of your Best Buy! You can receive expert help from … [Read more...]

Top 5 Image Editors For Quick Photoshop Editing

A good image editor can enhance the quality and looks of an image and thereby can enhance the perceived value of the photograph which may, in turn, increase your credibility. That is that reason why it is essential to edit a photo before uploading it to any website. Editing a photograph will also help to reduce the size of the image which is essential for improving the ranking of a website in the search engine. Let’s check out the top 5 image editors for quick photoshop editing: Canva: … [Read more...]

Top 3 Tips For Better Baby Pictures with SanDisk!

Since I won the fantastic Nikon D3100 at Bloggy Conference this past September, I have been reading all I can about taking better pictures. With blogging, beautiful pictures are a must-have. And with one child, and hopefully another child soon, taking pictures to remember memories is an even bigger must-have. That's why I'm excited that Photographer, author and educator Erin Manning has provided her Top 3 Tips for capturing better baby pictures.  Erin gives you advice on setting the … [Read more...]