FINALLY! Here Are the Pregnancy Guide for Women Having Body Piercings

Being pregnant means you need to be happy always and it surely does not mean compromising on your appearance and style. Pregnant women are hugely advised on avoiding trying out different new things that can actually be harmful to their health and even the health of their babies. In this context, one cannot leave out body piercings and especially nipple piercing. Since different physical changes take place in a women’s body during pregnancy, it is generally advised to avoid getting the nose, … [Read more...]

How to Decide if Your Teen Should Get a Cartilage Piercing

Is your teen begging for permission to get her cartilage pierced? Maybe she is citing that all of her friends have one of these piercings. Or, maybe she wants to use the piercing as a form of self-expression. If you are hesitant to let your teen pierce any part of her body other than her earlobes, you are not alone in your concern.    You may be worried about how a cartilage piercing will affect her employment or education opportunities. Or you may be concerned about the risk … [Read more...]