Is Pregnancy Going to Change the Appearance of My Breast Implants?

There’s no question that babies are living little miracles that bring endless joy to their mothers. However, if you currently have breast implants and are either expecting or trying for another baby, you may be wondering how your next pregnancy is going to affect the appearance of your breasts.  Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid weight gain or loss when you’re a new or expecting mother, but how will these inevitable changes affect your breast implants? Some Things Won’t … [Read more...]

Why Breast Augmentation Became The Most Popular Procedure in the World

Breast augmentation is certainly one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery performed today. Most women have certain perceptions about how their breasts should look like, and are concerned about how it’s shape, fullness, and perkiness. In order to reach their ‘body goals,’ countless women consider going under the knife for breast augmentation surgery in Hyderabad.  So, should women go for a bigger size and is big really better? Is Bigger Really Better?  The number one … [Read more...]

The Rise of Plastic Surgery – Why More People Are Taking to The Trend

it is not too bold a statement to call plastic surgery mainstream. The cosmetic benefits that a plastic surgeon can deliver are no longer relegated to hush-hush gossip about celebrities. People typically have a strong urge to look their best, and plastic surgery is definitely a rising trend. Data released for 2006 from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal the popularity of plastic surgery. According to ASPS surveys, close to 11 million plastic surgery procedures were done in 2006. … [Read more...]

Top 6 Tips To Take Care of Yourself After Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is an investment, and just like any other investment you need to make sure the money, time and energy you have invested pay off. Plastic surgery NYC services are top-notch but we also need to consider the post-surgery home care to get a quick recovery. It saves you a lot of trouble. Here are top six home care tips after the plastic surgery: Follow your Doctors Instructions Strictly Complications and side effects are common after a plastic surgery. You should strictly … [Read more...]

How do I know if I need a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Most people who undergo rhinoplasty are happy with their results and don't need any extra procedures to enjoy their post-op nose. However, it's possible that something may go wrong during the surgery or during the healing process, or you just might not feel satisfied with the results. You and your surgeon may have had a miscommunication about your goals, or your doctor could have made a mistake during the procedure. Even if your new nose looks the way you had originally hoped, you might realize … [Read more...]