The Importance of Outdoor Play for Young Children

Playing outside is always fun and beneficial for children's health and mental wellbeing. Many years ago, children were naturally keen to go out to play in the garden or perhaps a community park nearby. But sadly, children these days are not the same as a decade ago, kids today are too digital-focused, with a vast amount of online gaming apps and the influence of digital products, they are more likely to play indoor watching TV, on their tablets, game consoles or even on their mobile … [Read more...]

Planning an Indoor Playground: 4 Tips to Follow

Any indoor playground equipment is normally specialized for meeting all the requirements associated with indoor use with the help of ideal manufacturing and designing. Safety netting, padded covers, and enclosed designs are important features that are taken into consideration when planning indoor playground equipment. According to, indoor playground equipment makes children socially responsible. Given below is a list of the important tips that you need to consider when you are … [Read more...]

‘Mom, let me play!’ – The Importance Of The Playground In Child Development

Being a parent is a lot of work. You are responsible for the child’s safety, well-being and development every single day and there is no day off. Some parents don’t want to give their kids a lot of freedom because they are afraid that something might go wrong. How often your kids asked to go to the playground, and you didn’t let them because ‘it was too dangerous’, and you didn’t have time to go with them. Basically, kids learn about the world on the playground. For them, it is a way to make … [Read more...]

Tips To Keep Kids Safe On The Playground This Winter

There is something exhilarating about playing outside when the air is cold and there’s a hint of snow. The crisp air brings about a carefree atmosphere that seems perfect for playtime. However, parents and caretakers shouldn’t be carefree about winter playground safety. If you want your kids to have fun outdoors, follow some practical advice so they can play without getting hurt.   Always know the temperature before going outdoors Frostbite isn’t a walk in the park (or a hop in the … [Read more...]