What Happens If Your Kids Don’t Get Enough Active Playtime?

The business of childhood is play, but today’s kids often don’t get enough of it. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, parents faced challenges finding adequate time to let their kids outdoors and active. The addition of shelter-in-place orders presented new complications.  Children need active play to benefit their physical, mental and emotional growth. What happens when they’re denied this opportunity? Here’s what can happen if you schedule every waking moment of your little one’s time with … [Read more...]

Why Your Kids Should Participate In Nerf Gun Wars While They Are Still Young

Nerf guns are commercial toys used in play fighting. Adults, most especially parents, perceive the use of war toys and play fighting, like nerf gun wars, as aggressive or violent behavior. However, what most people don't know is that this type of play is beneficial to children’s development.  In this post, you'll learn the important reasons why your children should participate in nerf gun wars while they're still young. Instill the Good Use of Weapons Educational programs … [Read more...]

Kids and Adults Love NERF guns – You Would Like Them Too!

It’s no secret that kids absolutely love NERF guns, but did you know that there is a lot of cult following for adults who still actively buy and play with these guns? There are countless clubs dedicated to adults who buy, modify and play NERF firearms, and some of the more popular ones are over 100 thousand members and a very active community. NERF guns are built so that you can pick up a gun at any age, buy some extra ammo, catch up with friends and explode. A marketing strategy is there … [Read more...]

6 Reasons You Should Be Playing With Your Kids

As a parent, you know that kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves, especially when they're little. Left to their own devices, they'll sing, dance, create and play, even if they're the only ones in the room. However, they're also experts at playing with siblings and other kids their age. Together, they play pretend, make up stories and play games. But when was the last time you played with your child?  If you had to pause and think about it, it's been too long.  The … [Read more...]

Importance of Play in Preschool

Giving your child a few toys and time to play is the groundwork for all progressive learning for children. It provides the child with an assortment of valuable learning prospects. A child begins to understand the world he/she is living in through play. It reveals their imagination and creativity. Activities develop their thinking, reading, and problem-solving skills. It is the foundation for learning.   Why is playing in Preschool so essential, and what does All Kidz Preschool - … [Read more...]

7 Skills Your Child Can Learn from Legos

Knowledge doesn’t always have to come from books. When it comes to children, they have the least attention span. That’s why they learn much more from personal experience while playing rather than from the words of the books. You can use the play time to make them understand mechanisms, teach practical skills and impart values. Lego is one of the best options to achieve that, it’s not just a toy to keep your child busy, it can serve to teach your child a whole lot of things. So, make use of that … [Read more...]