5 Tips for Feeding a Puppy

Most people don’t realize the extreme amount of time and energy they will expend when they get a new puppy.  Puppies are very similar to human babies in a lot of ways; they don’t sleep through the night, they are constantly hungry, and of course, they are not housebroken!  It can be completely overwhelming to care for a new puppy, especially since there are so many products and foods available that claim to make your life with your new puppy easier.   One thing you … [Read more...]

Helpful Tips On Welcoming A New Puppy To His New Forever Home

Puppies are curious creatures by nature. Just like toddlers, they don’t always know what is safe and which areas are off-limits to them. Bear in mind that when a puppy finds something interesting, he will chew on it, whether it is safe or not. That is why you must puppy proof your home before bringing him home: Tips On Puppy-Proofing Your Home Look at your house through the eyes of your puppy. Get down on “four paws” and inspect everything from ground level. Store any harmful … [Read more...]

How Much Exercise Does An English Bulldog Need?

The English Bulldog has long been a very popular breed, thanks to their distinctive, grumpy, yet funny looks, and their gentle characters. And they bring a lot of warmth, happiness, and love to their homes. But the English Bulldog is also famed as a rather lazy breed, and combine this with health conditions they are prone to, keeping them well exercised is key.  This breed more than most others has a high level of importance on getting the exercise amount just right! And you may … [Read more...]

Equipment To Have On Hand When You Are Training Your Puppy

Bringing a new puppy into your home is one of the most exciting times your family will experience. Here is a checklist of essential equipment to have on hand so that the transition is smooth and peaceful for your pup. Must-Have Puppy Products and Equipment It can be an overwhelming occasion when you go shopping for essential puppy products before your little pet arrives at your home. Don’t allow all the equipment and toys tempt you into buying anything you don’t need, especially if you are on … [Read more...]