9 Books That Help You To Unlock Your True Potential

Are you looking for fulfillment?  Are you trying to accomplish your dreams but feel like something holds you back?  You need to reprogram your mindset to unlock your true potential.  If you be brave enough to do it, you will achieve your most ambitious goals and succeed in life. Do you wonder what self-improvement books can tap into your full potential? Here are nine must-reads for you. The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success by … [Read more...]

Considerable Perks of Reading Poetry and Poems

If you try to accept the truth, reading poems or poetry can turn out to be a noteworthy routine that everyone needs to adopt. We all know what poems are all about, as they are extremely popular in various ways. Whether you want to spend some quality time or you have fond of reading, poetry can be an extremely wonderful think to consider. If you are ready to check thewashingtonnote.com, then you should never overlook perks of ready poems. Reading poems could be a great thought to be acquainted … [Read more...]

How to Help Your Child When They Have Trouble Reading

Around 10 million children in the U.S. have a problem learning to read. When children have trouble reading, it makes a big difference in their overall learning. If they can't read well, they can't read instructions for their tests and other materials properly, which makes it difficult to get through school and life. You want your child to have their best life possible, and part of that is overcoming reading challenges. Continue reading this article to learn what could cause these … [Read more...]

The Role of Women In The ‘Lottery’

You probably know what ‘The Lottery’ is if you’re into American literature. If you have absolutely no idea what’s going on, it’s ok I’ll run you through it and tell you the roles that the women who are in it play. Just so you know, the book is a short story that has Shirley Jackson as its author. Anyway, before I go ahead and tell you all about the book, this lottery story is amazing, check it out. Now that it’s done, let’s dive into ‘The Lottery’ shall we? Get it, no, ok. Book … [Read more...]

Where To Get Personalized Books For Your Children

Storytime with your child is an invaluable way to spend time together bonding and learning from one another. It’s more than simply making funny voices and weird faces as you act out the different characters in a story; you’re nurturing your child’s imagination, teaching them a love for reading at a young age, and imparting on them the wisdom found in the book in an easily accessible manner. Storytime is made extra special by personalizing the book for your child. For example, the book … [Read more...]

Top 3 Benefits of a Magazine Subscription Service

In a time where people tend to flock to the internet to get their news and entertainment, you may think that magazine subscriptions are out of style. That’s not true. Magazines are still just as popular as ever and some magazines will help you enjoy life unplugged. Today I’m going to tell you the top 3 benefits of hopping on board to get a magazine subscription. Not only can you save money when you get a magazine subscription but you’ll have a way to entertain yourself while being unplugged … [Read more...]

Effective Ways to Encourage Good Reading Habits in Your Children

When it comes to important life skills, few are more essential than basic literacy. People who have trouble with reading and writing often encounter problems throughout both childhood and adulthood. Subpar literacy can make getting through school and navigating the working world an absolute nightmare. That being the case, every parent should make a point of encouraging healthy reading habits in their children. Even if your kids aren’t crazy about reading, the following tips can help nudge them … [Read more...]

Easy Yet Effective Ways To Better Understand Text On Books

The literacy rate around the world has risen radically. While in 1820 only 12% of people across the world could read, the tables have turned and now around only 14% worldwide are illiterate. However, it’s unfortunate and true that in 2018, the number of American adults (15 and over) reading for leisure has dropped to an all-time low according to the American Time Use Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Last year, the figure was about 19%, in comparison to 28% in 2004. Many can … [Read more...]