Reborn Dolls: The Hyper-Realistic Doll Phenomenon

Reborn dolls are often custom made to closely resemble human babies, looking extremely real. These dolls are often made of soft vinyl or silicone and they take weeks or even months to create. They are even weighted to feel more human-like. In a recent couple of years, reborn dolls have made their way into the hands of several individuals, and those who get them do so for various reasons.  Initially, reborn dolls were owned by collectors and artists. However, just recently, reborn dolls … [Read more...]

How Can Reborn Dolls Offer You The Chance to Become a Better Parent

The modern way of life has its ups and downs. Especially for families that live in busy city centers, there is virtually no time for parents to see their children during the week. That is why there has been an effort to replace the parents' presence simply by having the Reborn Dolls close to the children for as long as you are away. The manufacturers of the Kiss Reborn Dolls are there to give parents the best features for the imaginary siblings for their children. There are families that for … [Read more...]

What Are Reborn Dolls and What Makes Them So Awesome?

Dolls are a common part of our culture. Whether you were a boy or a girl, you’ve probably played with dolls or doll-like items while growing up. Among various types of dolls available on the market, there is one specific type that is rarely mention and that is the reborn doll (a.k.a. bebe reborn). Reborn dolls differ from other items as they are usually made for adults. However, they are far from toys. These lifelike are mostly used as comfort items or collectable. They usually have high … [Read more...]