The Complete and Only Refrigerator Maintenance Guide You’ll Ever Need

One in every four American homes had two or more refrigerators in 2016. This statistic is likely to change during this year’s census report given American’s love affair with fridges. While almost 100% of American homes have refrigeration systems, very few households understand how to take proper care of these appliances.  Refrigeration systems are also useful in medical settings and operate optimally with continued maintenance. You need to understand how to take care of these useful … [Read more...]

Helpful Tips For Buying A Back Bar Fridge For Your Establishment

When you’re owning a bar or pub, excellent refrigeration is crucial for ensuring the success of your daily operations. Customers don’t respond well to drinks that are not served cold. By choosing the perfect bar fridge to suit the needs of your business you can retain your customers and save money in the long run. There is however a broad selection of beverage fridges available. A popular choice for pubs is beer fridges or back bar bottle coolers. They are great for optimizing the space in your … [Read more...]

A Buying Guide for Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators are one of the most often used appliances that you can notice in a professional kitchen like Therefore, it would have to be sturdy enough to handle hot conditions, while also being durable enough to keep going even if its doors are frequently being opened and closed. After all, there will be more than likely thousands of pounds of stock inside commercial refrigerators. This article will … [Read more...]