8 Effective Tips For A Healthy Relationship

We all want to be in a healthy and happy relationship. But how much are we willing to work towards it? Because relationships require a lot of work. They aren’t built in a day; it takes years of patience, communication, forgiveness, and understanding to establish a healthy relationship. Here on Unbrave Girl, you can find a lot of helpful advice on relationships, marriages, dating and more. But also, I have a few tried and tested suggestions that will help you and your partner towards building … [Read more...]

5 Dirty Sexting Tips To Turn Him On

Now, this piece is my special dedication to all ladies who are wondering how to turn your guy on while texting. This is actually a simple thing to do. My experience with guys has taught me that guys are actually visual creatures. They actually thrive on what they see and on whatever picture is painted in their mind. That’s why they are not quite able to multitask. Knowing your guy quite well is a stepping stone when you want to turn him on while texting. All you need to really have in mind in … [Read more...]

3 Romantic Getaways to Recharge Your Relationship

For most of us, everyday existence is filled with demands and deadlines. With constant pressure, it can be all too easy to de-prioritize one of the most important parts of our lives: our relationships. If work stress and interpersonal dramas are getting you down, it might be time to get away from the hubbub for a week to rest and recharge with that special someone in your life. After all, studies show that a holiday can dramatically strengthen your relationship. We’ve put together a list … [Read more...]

Belong to You by Vi Keeland Book Review

 **WARNING: This review is of a book that is an erotic romance.**  If you enjoyed the Fifty Shades of Grey series, then you will more than likely enjoy Belong to You by Vi Keeland.  I actually liked it a lot more, honestly.  I will get to that in a second.  First I want to let you know what the book is even about!   After having to cancel her wedding due to her two-timing fiancee, Sydney heads to her honeymoon that she had already paid for with her friend, Sienna.  Sienna told … [Read more...]