Keeping Kids Safe: Why a Car Seat is Now a Must-Have

Long gone are the days when it was a rite of passage to have a toddler drive behind the wheel with daddy for the prerequisite childhood photo. After numerous unfortunate accidents, people have come to realize that this life-threatening habit needs to be put to rest once and for all. Countries have put into effect some strict legal measures to ensure that no child goes into a vehicle from the day of birth until he/she can use the regular seat belt without a proper car seat securely installed on … [Read more...]

Safety Guidelines Of The Convertible Car Seat For Infant To Toddler

Are Car Seats Important? Using a car seat or a child safety seat is one of the best ways to protect your children. As car crashes are trending upwards in the United States, car seats are becoming a necessity especially now that a car seat is included as a law in the US. But keeping your child safe depends on choosing the right safety seat and using it correctly. The best car seat is the one that fits your child's weight, size, and age, as well as your vehicle. More Things to Know When … [Read more...]

Guidelines All Parents Must Set to Keep Kids Safe Online

Before the internet, it wasn’t as difficult to keep kids safe. We reminded them to be home before dark, not to talk to strangers, and to let us know where they were. Today, it’s a lot more complex. Kids can be safely ensconced in their bedroom but exposed to a million and one insidious threats online. From predatory pedophiles to opportunist fraudsters, the online world can be a very scary place for kids.  As a parent, it’s our job to set firm guidelines that help to keep children out of … [Read more...]

Ways to Avoid Common Golf Injuries

Just because golf is a low-impact sport, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t one that gets you no injuries. Instead, when it comes to golf, unlike other common sports; having injuries is quite common. That’s because golf is mainly a game of focus and proper mechanics, in simpler terms. Most of the new golf players try mastering the game faster by practicing more and more, this is also one of the reasons that cause several golf injuries. So rather than following poor mechanics and/or overusing the … [Read more...]

Why You Should Only Support Businesses With a Commitment to Safety

Workplace safety encompasses all the factors which impact the safety, health, and wellbeing of employees and workers. This includes hazards, unsafe working conditions, or workplace violence. In fact, it is an employer’s ultimate responsibility to ensure the safety of his workers and employees and to guarantee an environment that is safe enough for everyone in the company. Safety is crucial in any workplace, but it should become a priority in companies where injuries, fatalities, or illnesses are … [Read more...]

What You Need During An Emergency To Keep Your Family Safe

From everyday injuries and home intrusions to seasonal weather hazards, homes are naturally prone to all sorts of dangers and emergencies, for which we can often be unready. These can put you and your family in a state of stress and panic, especially if your place of living is not equipped with the right devices and supplies that will guarantee the safety and good health of your loved ones. It’s never too late to bunker up! To that end, we’ve put together a list of essentials that will help … [Read more...]

Must-Have Personal Safety Devices for Every College Student

Do you have a child headed off to college? If so make sure they are well-stocked with the personal safety devices that are listed here. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there were 28,400 criminal incidents against persons and property on campuses in 2016. Ensuring your daughter or son are safe at college is crucial and one of the biggest concerns of parents. Keep reading to find out more about how you can keep them safe with these personal safety devices that … [Read more...]

Keep Your Kids Away From Your Gaming Account!

Forecasts for 2022 speak of the global gambling industry reaching $635 billion in revenues. Also, by 2020, online games like slot machines are expected to become an even greater piece of the puzzle, with revenues representing 45% of the total figures. If you are a fervent fan of casino games or you love to engage in esport, you are already bringing your own contribution to the current gambling scene. But what if your underaged children would be doing the same thing without your knowledge? The … [Read more...]