7 Top Things to Know to Save Money on Prescriptions

Are you trying to figure out the best ways to save money on prescriptions? Read this article to learn the top things you need to know. Each year, Americans spend about $1,200 on prescription drugs.  The pharmaceutical companies are known for selling extremely expensive prescriptions, which can make it harder for people and families to get the medication they need.  Are you trying to figure out the best ways to save money on prescriptions? Read this article to learn the … [Read more...]

Money-Saving Switches You Can Make Right Now!

They say that money makes the world go round, but what if you just don’t seem to have a lot of it? We’d all like a little more money in our accounts each month, but with the rising cost of living and our wages failing to keep up, it can often feel like an impossible task. Budgeting and making some simple changes to your lifestyle can help you save a little money each month and be able to have something set aside for your rainy day fund. But, did you know that saving money doesn't mean you … [Read more...]

4 Effective Strategies for Saving Money

Because we work hard for our money, it makes sense that it does the same for us as well. And while it’s undoubtedly not an easy feat to minimize expenditure, especially for those with modest incomes, you’d be wrong to think that it’s impossible to achieve a substantial amount of savings. To this end, here are a few effective strategies that you can use to reduce your spending, and as a result save a lot more money in the process. Go for energy efficiency Our utility bills take a … [Read more...]

Financial Literacy for Kids: How to Teach Your Child to Save

Want to teach your child to save money and where to spend it wisely? Be sure to read this guide on financial literacy for kids. As a parent, you know only too well how expensive kids can be. From funding their education to meeting their housing, food, and clothing needs, the expenses can take a toll on your finances. But for how long will your children depend on you for their financial needs? You don’t have to wait until they reach the legal adult age to start teaching them about the art … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Saving Money on Beauty Products

Whether you buy a few or many, beauty products, cosmetics and toiletries is an area you can always stand to be a little more frugal with. Especially if you’re someone who enjoys wearing makeup and indulging in beauty items, you may not even realize how much money you are spending every year on items which can perhaps be avoided – and may even be items you’ve never used or forgotten about.  Here are four helpful tips if you’re looking to save a bit of cash on your beauty and cosmetic … [Read more...]

Easy Ways To Get The Best Cheap Hotel Bookings

Many people use hostels and other affordable accommodation options to keep their traveling budget in check. Even if they love the lavishness of a hotel and the many perks that come with it, they let it go for fear of high prices. You could be one of them. Of course, you can't get hotels for low prices, and then the idea of spending money on something that is going to last just a few hours for you may not make much sense. Hence, you may prefer a bed and breakfast or homestay kind of … [Read more...]

10 Low-Cost Ways to Save Money at Home

Owning your own home is expensive, and we’re not just talking about taxes, insurance and mortgage payments. Home maintenance and repair is perhaps the biggest hidden cost of homeownership. Utilities, yard care, renovations and other costs can also eat into a budget. But if you’re one of the 63 percent of millennial homeowners experiencing buyer’s remorse due to hidden costs, here are some ways you can slash them — with easy, low-cost, regular maintenance chores you can do yourself. Flush Your … [Read more...]