Common Places To Go On A School Trip

What comes to mind when you consider school trips? Probably, some boring museums or dull libraries, right? Well no offense, but as much as there are people who adore museums and libraries, but usually children don’t! But that’s not an issue too. Know why? Only because when it comes to educational trips, it doesn’t always have to be around the museum or library. Instead, since traveling is a wonderful teacher that not only allows children to discover the wondrous beauties of the world but also … [Read more...]

English Pre-school in Bangkok

Enrol Your Child in an English Pre-school in Bangkok Enrolling your child in an English pre-school in Bangkok is the best way to offer your child a head start in their education. The professional world is rapidly becoming global in scope, and for international careers in science, commerce and law, English is the most widely-spoken language. Why not immerse your child from the beginning of their educational career in the language that is prevalent in almost every career path your child … [Read more...]

Importance of Play in Preschool

Giving your child a few toys and time to play is the groundwork for all progressive learning for children. It provides the child with an assortment of valuable learning prospects. A child begins to understand the world he/she is living in through play. It reveals their imagination and creativity. Activities develop their thinking, reading, and problem-solving skills. It is the foundation for learning.   Why is playing in Preschool so essential, and what does All Kidz Preschool - … [Read more...]

Why a Lifelong Learning Platform is Important

The business world is a dynamic and fluid environment. To get ahead and stay ahead, you have to have a lifelong learning platform in place where you can explore new ideas and concepts that will allow you to succeed in such a dynamic environment. Your traditional schooling covered a broad range of subjects to prepare you to enter the career of your choosing. But the lessons you learned in your primary, secondary and university years were only meant to provide you with a basic foundation of … [Read more...]

Going Back to School as a Busy Mom: Is It Possible?

As a busy mom, you're always looking for ways to improve the lives of your children. While you work diligently to bring in an income, keep a clean house and maintain the health of your loved ones, going back to school can help to improve their quality of life for the future. Receiving a more advanced education can open up the doors to opportunity, which can lead to increased income, promotions, incentives and raises. It's never too late to go back to school and for many mothers, it's one of the … [Read more...]

Does Your Child Struggle In School? Here’s What You Can Do About It

We all want our children to do well in school but despite your best efforts, there may be instances when they fall behind. What may be worse is that it may take some time before you even notice. The sooner that you can help them, the better it is for them. So, how can you tell if your child is struggling-- and if they are, what can you do about it? Signs that your child is struggling in school: Spends long hours doing homework – Children should be set sensible amounts of homework. If your … [Read more...]

How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Many children begin preschool at the age of three. The transition to preschool can be both exciting and stressful for children and their parents. Good preschool experiences can pave the way for your child’s academic and social success in elementary school. There are several things you can do to ease the transition to ensure that your child does well during these foundational years. 1. See Your Doctor Photo Credit: Unsplash Check with Medicare to determine if you need a medicare … [Read more...]

Use of Technology in the Classroom

How many of us have ever laughed unsurely, or nodded our heads knowingly even though we have no idea what is going on? In today’s world, we are expected to know everything, and yet we seem to know so little. However, there has been something created to help us gain more knowledge faster. This is called technology. When used properly, it can help improve our education and help us be more aware of the decisions we are making. Technology should be used in the classroom to help students and in daily … [Read more...]