How to Please Your Woman in Bed: 9 Tips for Better Sex

Is your woman bored or unsatisfied with the way you have sex? Does sex seem lackluster, devoid of that exciting spark?  Sex isn't as straight-forward as many assume. It takes practice, learning, and experimentation. Learning how to please your woman in bed requires more than penetration and kissing.  Don't worry, we're not going to leave you hanging. We've compiled 9 helpful tips below to have better sex and pleasure your lady: 1. Foreplay Matters A major problem for … [Read more...]

Looking for Ways to Make Sex in Bed Better? Here’s What to Do

Having a great mattress isn’t only essential for sleeping. You’re going to want to have a comfortable bed when you bring someone home for the night and no, we don’t mean for a sleepover. Sex in bed can be awesome but without the right sheets, a mattress topper, bed frame, and pillows, you’ll be setting yourself up for a disaster. You also need a great mattress. Have one that’s too firm or too soft and you’ll be hating yourself in the morning. Check out this guide to learn more about how … [Read more...]

The Vampire’s Gallery by Antoinette M– Review

**WARNING: This review is about an erotic novel.** In Antoinette M--'s new shorter book, The Vampire's Gallery, you meet Maria.  She lives off her friend's sexual encounters until she comes across Jamie, who she meets while doing internet dating.  Jamie invites Maria out for a beer and because she felt like they had a good connection, she invites him to her apartment after the bar.  Guess what he tells her, though?  That he's going to kill her by sucking her blood because he's a vampire.  She … [Read more...]