12 Affordable Family Vacation Ideas for Summer 2020

A getaway can cost less than you think. Here are 15 affordable family vacation ideas for summer 2020 that both dad and the kids will love. Everybody deserves a vacation once in a while. For families, however, vacations can be extremely expensive. You have to account for the cost of every member of your family, and that can really add up. You can find an affordable family vacation, though. It just takes some searching. Here are 15 of the most affordable options. 1. Dunes … [Read more...]

Helpful Information On Homeowner’s Insurance For Your Vacation Home In Myrtle Beach

If something unforeseen happens to your house or possessions, you need to be protected financially. This is essential because your home is one of your largest investments and the roof over your head. Due to the closeness to the coast, it is even more important to have homeowner’s insurance in Myrtle Beach to protect your home against wind or storm damage. Why Do You Need To Have Insurance? In case of your home being destroyed due to a fire or a natural disaster and you need money to pay … [Read more...]

Tips For A Successful Beach Wedding

If you are planning to have a beach wedding, you can consult with Myrtle Beach wedding packages and get the best package for yourself. You will also need to get to know some few things beforehand when you are planning for the beach wedding. Here are some of the tips which will be included in some of the Myrtle Beach wedding packages to ensure that, you get it right on your wedding day   Skip The Big Dress: You can get down the aisle in a long train and a full dress, but being … [Read more...]