Smart Ways To Prepare Your Home For Spring

As the spring season approaches, your house may need a little maintenance after those cold winter months. It’s always good when your home reflects how you feel—after all, a cluttered, messy house can be a bit of a downer, and affect your mood. But it’s not all about appearance; the upkeep of your home is also about safety and health.  A fresh, clean house makes for a happy home, so here are a few ways to prepare your home for the season, with some spring cleaning tips.  Clean … [Read more...]

What is Steam Cleaning and How Does it Work?

Technology and advancements in chemistry have helped drive the cleaning industry forward at a very quick rate. One piece of technology that isn’t necessarily new, but is changing the way we clean is steam. Steam cleaning is a powerful alternative to more traditional methods that can transform the way you clean your home or business. Knowing this fact and understanding how a steam cleaner works can be two different things though. To better understand what steam cleaning is and how it works, use … [Read more...]

Plan Ahead For Your Big Spring Cleaning

Spring might still be a little while away, but it's never too early to start planning for your annual spring cleaning. Everyone's spring cleaning needs will look a bit different, especially depending on what kind of home you live in. Take a look at this list and see what you need to start planning for so you're prepared for your spring cleaning. Recovering From Rough Winters It's no secret that winter weather can be a challenge on any home, but especially for those who live in colder … [Read more...]

ABC Rug and Carpet Care Takes Care of Your Carpet Cleaning Needs!

ABC Rug and Carpet Care provides professional cleaning and maintenance services for your specialty flooring. ABC Rug and Carpet care has been servicing handmade Persian and oriental rugs in New York City for over 20 years. As a customer, you can arrange to have your rug conveniently picked up from your home and taken to their facility for expert detailing and revitalization. In addition to their specialty rug cleaning services, this company also offers carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning and … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Giveaway (Ends April 24th)

Happy Wednesday, everybody!  I hope you all are having a good week so far!  I've got a great giveaway that I'm helping out with.  Right now there is major spring cleaning going on in our house, trying to clean out our basement and garage, as well as get rid of things that we just don't use anymore to give them a second life.  This "Spring Cleaning" giveaway event, sponsored by Tip Hero, features some great bloggers and you have the opportunity to win a prize that is sure to help you with your … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

If you saw my post earlier this week about Spring Cleaning the outside of your home, you will probably like this post.  Today I will be talking about cleaning your car.  If you are spring cleaning, you might as well do your car as well!  I know I always feel better when my car is clean and ready to go for warmer weather.  Here are a few tips of things you can do to prepare for warmer days so you can roll that window down and enjoy yourself during rides: De-clutter your car - The first step, … [Read more...]