Stress Relief Programs in the Workplace

Stress is a prevalent issue in the workplace, and it’s estimated that the cost of stress for businesses exceeds £300 billion each year. Work is one of the top stressors for people, whether it’s the daily workload, feeling as though you have lack of job security or problems with colleagues and team members that lead employees to feel overwhelmed. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to reducing stress at work but there are things companies can do to provide effective stress relief programmes … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Home Maintenance Stress

Since home maintenance is probably one of the biggest and hardest jobs to tackle with all the time for about every household woman out there. Even if it’s a working woman anywhere in the world or someone who pays attention to her house 24/7, keeping the home maintained can be stressful at times. And the major fact of stress coming is that even if women tend to make it a punctual routine to manage their home exercises or chores according to a fixed plan, there are just those times things go out … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Stress When Moving Long-Distance for Both Children and Parents

Between finding a new home, packing, and coordinating with your moving helpers, it’s all too easy to neglect your kids during the moving process as it is very hard to control all the issues. Multiply that stress level exponentially when you are moving long-distance, moving with kids after divorce, or even moving with small toddlers. While there can be many unfortunate circumstances, moving is quite often, for positive reasons. Our top recommendation is to involve your children in the process so … [Read more...]

Smart Tips to Reduce Stress and Focus on Your Studies

Our life is never-stopping stress. Even such happy events like birthdays or buying things you like are also stress to your body. However, they have a positive effect. In the meanwhile, we experience a lot of negative emotions. One of the common stress triggers is learning. Students live through continuous stress, fears to fail and be ashamed. Stress doesn’t allow focusing on the studies. As a result, many students fail miserably. Therefore, you should tame it. We can help you. Read our guide … [Read more...]

Health 101: Helpful Ways on How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety affect us all; whether it’s daily stress at work or your relationship, we’ve all been there. Stress is a part of life that we can all experience and it sometimes takes a toll on our well-being and peace of mind.  While we cannot control the trigger or the circumstances, we definitely can control how we respond to stress and anxiety.  Here are some helpful ways to relieve them.  Exercise  Exercising is one of the most important things that … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Stress for Children During a Divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, it is traumatic for the spouses, but when children are involved the stakes become even higher. Children are not able to process and rationalize trauma in the same way as adults and as a result can end up feeling guilty, as if they have somehow caused their parents to separate. These feelings can become deep-rooted and stay with them as they grow leading to unhealthy anger and feelings of rejection. However, it is possible to minimize the stress that children … [Read more...]

Reduce Stress In Your Life With Yoga Online From The Caring People At Glo

Modern experts have taken a closer look at existing techniques. They have delved into the world of stress and how to manage it. Stress has been shown to have all sorts of terrible effects. When people feel stressed, they may engage in activities that are less than helpful. For example, someone may not get as much or even any exercise in life. They might also find themselves eating a lot more than they need in order to keep up their weight. This can lead to weight gain in unwanted places. … [Read more...]

Combating Big-City Stress in New York City

New York City is a thrilling place to live in. It's a great place to explore. It's an excellent place to build a career. It's a wonderful place to grow up or to grow old in. But it's also very, very stressful. Life isn't always easy in New York. With huge crowds, a semi-functional subway system, a high-stakes professional scene, and precious little room for privacy, New York City can really wear you down. But don't worry: here is your guide to battling stress in the big city. New York … [Read more...]