10 Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

The warmer months are ahead of us, and it is time to think of all of the fun activities that can be done. While the sun is out, it is important to take advantage before the chilly months creep back into our lives. If you want to give your children a fun summer that isn't ruined with news reports, you will need to think creatively.  Continue reading to discover some of the best summer outdoor activities that your kids will want to do!  1. Go Camping If you and the kids … [Read more...]

Try Something Different This Summer: Water Sports

Water sports are some of the most thrilling outdoor pursuits out there (whatever you choose), so why not give one a go this summer? There's something for everyone, whatever your age or fitness level!  Here are five of our favorites, and how you can get involved. Canoeing Canoeing is one of the most popular and easily-accessible water sports, and often one of the most wallet-friendly. It’s not super-vigorous, which makes it achievable for even less-mobile people, and it's a fantastic … [Read more...]

Boredom Busters: 7 Fun Summer Projects for Kids

It's never too early to start planning some fun summer projects for kids to tackle during their school break. We reveal 7 fun activities they'll love. Summer is the happiest time of the year for kids, but if you're a parent then you know  how stressful it can be trying to keep them entertained all day. If you can't send your kids to camp or friends' houses often enough, you'll need to have a long list of fun crafts to do at home. Do you need some inspiration to keep the party going … [Read more...]

Simple Outdoor Activities For Kids on a Hot Summer Day

Looking for simple outdoor activities for kids on a hot summer day? When the summer heat rolls in kids often want to sit inside and hide from the heat. This can lead to them sitting around watching TV, playing video games, or whining about being bored.  Use some of these fun outdoor activities for kids to get your kids outside on a hot summer day. They can have fun and wear themselves out without heating up the house. Freeze small toys into a block of ice and give your child … [Read more...]

Crafts with Your Kids: 5 Tips!

Those darn summer holidays are just around the corner again. Where did all that free time go without your beloved cherubs taking up residency in your home when school’s out at the end of the year? It seems to pass so quickly you don’t realise how good you had it until it’s gone. Anyway, isn’t having kids all about spending time with them? Though we may struggle to do it sometimes, it’s important to make time to enjoy quality activities with them. Sure, let them play on their tablets, … [Read more...]