Classic Go-To Summer Outfits

We are so close to summer that we can feel it. Whether summer has already started for you or you are patiently awaiting for spring showers to be over, it’s time to start planning out your summer outfits.  From plus size tie-dye dresses to split pattern garments, this season will be one to watch in terms of fashion. While you may be eyeing your favorite cut-off shorts and a T-shirt, we have some looks that are going to help you boost your confidence and feel like a fashionista all summer … [Read more...]

11 Summer Outfits That Look Hot and Keep You Cool

What are your plans for the summer? Whether you plan on spending your days lounging around, soaking up the sun, hiking your favorite trail or you are looking forward to nights out with your girls or attending musical festivals, your style should reflect your personality while boosting your confidence so you’re ready for whatever summer will bring your way.  Some of the hottest summer trends are plus size tie-dye shirts—whether you make it at home or buy it from your favorite brand–and, … [Read more...]

Water Toy Safety Risks: What to Know This Summer

The official start of summer is close, and with that comes swimming and water activities in pools, lakes, and oceans.  As parents, enjoying the pool safely and ensuring our children are safe in the water is one of our top priorities.  The use of pool toys is something we often encourage as well because they help our kids have fun in the water.  With that being said, pool toys are first and foremost, not safety devices that can replace the need for vigilant supervision in … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Pick An Air Cooler This Summer

As the harsh summer months inch closer and closer, our lives change as well. We drink ice-cold water, wear flimsy clothes, and, most importantly, start our hunt for an air conditioner. Surviving in any urban settlement without a cooling system is almost impossible, but shelling out vast sums of money for buying and renting an air conditioner can become a burden. Air conditioners also cause many other problems, like making you more prone to catching a cold and reducing heat tolerance. There's a … [Read more...]

10 Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

The warmer months are ahead of us, and it is time to think of all of the fun activities that can be done. While the sun is out, it is important to take advantage before the chilly months creep back into our lives. If you want to give your children a fun summer that isn't ruined with news reports, you will need to think creatively.  Continue reading to discover some of the best summer outdoor activities that your kids will want to do!  1. Go Camping If you and the kids … [Read more...]

Today in Summer Fashion: The Top 7 Fashion Trends of Summer 2020

Summer is coming, and people can't wait for the warm air and sunshine hitting their faces after a tough winter and spring. After all this time inside, you may be wondering what to wear? After all, you want to be ready so you can look and feel your best. Studies have shown that the right clothes really enhance our mood, well-being, and mental focus.  If you are ready for the latest summer fashion, we've got you covered. Take a look at these top trends for the summer fashion in … [Read more...]

How To Keep Your Family Safe During The Summer Sun

It is definitely great to spend some time outdoors during the summer season, but the heat of the summer sun can be harmful not only to your skin but on your overall body. Thus, as much as it is awesome to go out and enjoy activities under the sun, it is noteworthy to arm yourself with proper sun protection too. In line with this, below are some of the ways on how you can keep yourself and your family safe during the summer. 1. Always use sunscreen The first thing that you can do to … [Read more...]

Ways to Make Your Home Ready for the Summer Heat

The heat brought about by the summer months is inevitable and it can wear you out, even without literally doing anything in your house. Don’t let the extreme heat stop you from doing the things you love indoors by preparing your home to be summer-ready. Below are some tips that can definitely help you do so. Maintain your Air Filter Regularly check the air filter of your HVAC system, or your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Replace it as necessary because it tends to … [Read more...]