5 Ways to Support Family and Friends in Prison

The toll prison takes on the incarcerated individual is quite obvious, but it’s also not easy to be a friend or family member left at home. In fact, families can be devastated when a member goes to prison, especially if it’s a long sentence. Children may have to adapt to living mostly without a parent, spouses may be separated, or parents may have to watch as promising sons and daughters have years shaved off their lives. There are all kinds of negative emotions one might feel after having a … [Read more...]

7 Ways To Get Confidential Support While Bettering Yourself

Life's circumstances are always changing just as much as we as humans do. As time passes, we may reject things as they once were and desire to make positive changes to promote our growth and development. While on this pivotal journey, we will inevitably fall victim to unforeseen challenges and pitfalls and may need both reassurance and motivation to stay on track. Here are seven confidential ways to find the support you need while you discover your best self. And don't forget to find out the 8 … [Read more...]