Riding The Waves: How To Get Started With Surfing

Surfing is a sport where people get up on what is known as a surfboard and ride the waves by progressing on the unbroken part of the wave. Bodysurfing has been done since 2000 BC, however, Fred Williams of Australia is credited for expanding the sport in 1899 after he got lessons from a Polynesian islander named Tommy Tana. Duke Kahanamoku is widely considered as the father of modern-day surfing into a recreational activity, sport, and business. Surfing has become very popular with around 25 … [Read more...]

Plan a Successful Surfing Trip with the Help of These Tips

Over the past few decades, surfing has become a trending sporting activity. With the many movies and plays featuring scenes from this sport, almost everyone is looking forward to giving it a shot. However, there is usually the challenge of planning for the activity, especially if you are new to the game.  Luckily, with the tips given below in this piece, you can adequately prepare for your surfing trip and make the most out of the experience.  1. Pick your destinations like a … [Read more...]

Health Benefits of Doing Surfing And Yoga All in One

Surfing, you have the unparalleled thrill of taking a piece of board and take on the waves. A complete game of balance as you struggle to finish it without falling overboard. The constant pumping of adrenaline during the ride runs a course through your body and your mind blacks out everything except what’s in front of you. And at the end of each run, you find yourself catching your breath as the excitement dies down and the physicality of the endeavor has made itself known. Then you have yoga, … [Read more...]

Water Sports For Boys

Kids are naturally drawn to water. It is hard to know if anyone has ever figured out why; maybe it has something to do with spending nine months submerged? Or perhaps it’s an instinct that tells them that water is the very basis of all life on earth. It really doesn’t matter why because all you need to know for sure is that when summer rolls around, the first thing most kids want to do is swim. If you live close to the beach, then they may be lucky enough to spend the long summer days sitting on … [Read more...]