What Kind of Teachers Do Students Like?

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself”, the Chinese proverb says. Unfortunately, not all teachers make us want to enter that door and some of them can even make their students feel the opposite. Students often complain about low grades, boring lectures, learning materials that aren’t explained well enough. What kind of teacher would students like to see in their classrooms? Let’s take a look at a good teacher students love and create an image of your perfect teacher. A … [Read more...]

Paradigm Shift In Education: Traditional VS Modern Learning Method

Traditional education Traditional education or conventional education focuses more on teaching and passing vital information to the next generation about manners, values and survival skills. This type of education mainly relies on oral delivery where students gather around listening to the teacher with little practicals or written work. The students are tested orally which is not very formal. All in all, the traditional education system involves knowledge about traditions, religion and … [Read more...]