What’s The Difference Between CBD and THC: What We Know

It's a known fact that cannabidiol (CBD) doesn't induce high like what tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) does. CBD has a lot of amazing health benefits more than you can imagine.  CBD is considered as a healing cannabis compound that provides pain relief, promotes better sleep, reduces weight, and combat stress and anxiety. On the other hand, many people know that THC creates a psychoactive high that attracts recreational users, giving them a sense of satisfaction. Further, CBD is natural pain … [Read more...]

Medical Marijuana in California: 9 Frequently Asked Questions

Before we started relying on modern medicine for every ache and scrape, marijuana and other gifts of nature were the only healing substances used to treat, cure and prevent health disorders. In fact, marijuana has been used for centuries to heal a wide array of health problems. Over recent decades, marijuana, or cannabis, has reemerged as an alternative therapy for lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and insomnia and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, and migraine. With … [Read more...]