Easy Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

As children grow, they face more and more everyday tasks that require well-developed fine motor skills. Whether we're talking about the simple act of zipping up their jackets or something like writing exercises, there is always a certain amount of hand-eye coordination involved. So it becomes really important for your toddler to be able to complete tasks like these in order to avoid bursts of frustration and maybe even a decline in confidence.   Obviously, you will want to pick the … [Read more...]

How To Ease Your Toddler’s Separation Anxiety

No, you’re not overreacting—it’s common for parents to feel worried about leaving their child with a family member or putting them in preschool. The reason why we’re so apprehensive is that we don’t want our little one to be scared or angry at us for leaving them. After spending most of our time with them, it’s also hard on us, too. Many moms and dads become even more sensitive to the issue after a bout of separation anxiety. The good news is that separation anxiety is typically a normal … [Read more...]

Bedding For Enhancing The Sleeping Experience of Toddlers

The kids need to be provided with love and care, and in order to raise them as good and healthy human beings, parents have to do a lot of work. The introduction of good habits and good conducts are concepts with which the child is not acquainted with, but with time they learn all these things from the parents and also from caregivers and friends. In order to promote the growth of a child along with good and nutritious food adequate sleep or rest is also necessary. The parents need to ensure … [Read more...]

Terrible Twos – 5 Helpful Tips for Better Toddler Behaviour

As your baby begins to transition from an infant into a toddler, it’s common to experience some frustrations – particularly around the “terrible twos” stage, which is characterized by defiance and your child’s desire for more independence. Are you looking for tips to manage this behavior and minimize frustration for both you and your children? Help may be closer than you think: Go Natural Rather than cave to your mother-in-law’s well-intentioned advice with odd-ball sleep methods, why … [Read more...]

Kids Fashion: How to Choose the Best Sleepwear for Toddlers

Everyone loves their beauty sleep, but children top the list. Every child loves some good, uninterrupted sleep and as parents, we have to do everything we can to ensure they get just that. However, most mothers don’t understand that the clothes that their babies sleep in affect the quality of sleep they get. Just as we love to look fashionable in the streets, we also need to look and feel fashionable as we go to bed, and so do kids. Even so, buying the right pajamas and sleep suits for an … [Read more...]

3 Potty Training Tips #TrainTogether

Potty training is not easy by any means. It is a trying time for both parents and child, but it is possible. Today I am sharing some potty training tricks that I am learning that work well. Patience. It really is a virtue. Sometimes children can pick up going on the potty super fast. Some take more time. Take cues from your child to see which they are. I promise, your son or daughter will be going exclusively on the potty before you know it. Timing. You can tell when it is time to start … [Read more...]

Toddler Proofing Your Home

We spend a lot of time baby proofing our homes, but there are a few important things -- specific to toddlers, that should not be over looked. Here are 4 things you should put some thought into for the safety of that tiny tot you love so much! Long Curtains and Draperies Pooling curtains are great. They can really dress up a room and make a huge impact, but they can also be a hazard to a toddler if they were to grab a hold of them. Face it, window hardware wasn't meant to have 20 or so … [Read more...]