Is Scar Cream Safe For Toddlers?

Children are resilient beings. Usually, when they fall down they can spring back up as quickly. They spend most of their waking time falling down and run around. It’s important that they’re given this free reign to practice their legs and coordination as this is the time when they develop the ability to master their legs. Unfortunately, it can’t be avoided that they get injured or scratches from when they miss a step or trip. So what can you do to treat those scrapes and scars, which they could … [Read more...]

Top 3 Gift Ideas for Toddlers This Year

Did you know that gift-giving for children isn’t just a physical act but an exercise with important child developmental implications? It not only teaches them powerful lessons about empathy and kindness but also shapes their identity, according to Marilyn Price-Mitchell, a developmental psychologist and researcher. But parents find it hard to identify a suitable gift item for those special occasions.  This is actually difficult if you are shopping for a birthday gift for a kid you … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Trimming With Your Toddler: 4 Safety Tips

Christmastime is filled with beloved holiday traditions, from ones that have been passed down through the generations to new rituals, such as binge-watching the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movie marathons. Some of the most beloved traditions include trimming the family Christmas tree; however, if you have a toddler, you may be worried about how to do this safely. From fragile glass ornaments to detachable twinkle bulbs that can present a choking hazard, a holiday tree can present many possible … [Read more...]