Checklist for Your Twins’ First Birthday Party

Birthday parties are always incredible and fun. This goes true not only for the kids, but for the adults who take part in it as well. However, planning for a birthday party, particularly to celebrate their first ever, can sometimes be stressful. The stress can be so much more if you need to plan for a party for twins! To ease your mind, below is a checklist for the first birthday party of your twins, to ensure that you don’t miss anything out. 2 Months Before the Party As much as … [Read more...]

The Twist of Twos – How Parenting Changes With Twins

If you are already have a child, you’ll know some of the challenges of parenting a newborn. On top of juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities, you have to ensure baby is kept safe, healthy and happy. This challenge is further intensified if you are expecting twins. With two babies on the way, you may be scratching your head and wondering how your parenting style needs to be adapted or change to handle the challenges of taking care of two babies simultaneously. In this article, we will look … [Read more...]

Twindecisive – Tackling the Math of Raising Twins

The moment you find out that you’re now expecting twins can be an overwhelming experience. Some people are ready for their family to double in size, others are not so lucky. There are a plethora of family situations - single mothers, parents with chronic illness, etc - that can add to the anxieties of raising two (occasionally needy) bundles of joy. It is manageable though, and raising twins can be incredibly rewarding as a parent. With that in mind, here are a few useful tips to help you along … [Read more...]

Newborn Twins and Sleeping: Do They Need Separate Cribs?

While co-sleeping with a single baby isn't encouraged due to safety reasons, unless you're using a co-sleeper cot, co-sleeping between twin siblings is highly supported by many pediatricians. Often, even though moms want to be right next to their babies, especially when they are brand new and it seems like the best way for everyone to get some sleep, co-sleeping in the same bed isn't an advisable option. With twins, it's a different story. Moms or Dads should still not co-sleep unless … [Read more...]