The Best of Key West for Families

Family vacations make memories that last a lifetime but after a while, you might be looking for someplace new and exciting to visit. Key West, Florida, is the place to give you and your family a once-in-a-lifetime vacation that blends the familiar with the unexpected. A jewel that sits between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, it has a long and storied history dotted with pirates, literary legends, and adventure. Outdoor Adventure It’s easy to think of the beach when you think … [Read more...]

How to RV with Babies on Board

Taking the whole family camping is such an incredible thing to do, you’re exploring this vast country for all its beauty, scheduling in some serious bonding time and making memories that will last a lifetime. Although you might be taken with romantic pictures of running around with your little ones, revelling in everything that mother nature has to offer, you’re also probably churning with stress and apprehension as to what can go wrong. Anyone who’s travelled with a baby knows how much extra … [Read more...]

Is It A Good Idea To Take Cats Away For The Weekend?

With every vacation, business trip, holiday, or any other occasion that requires you to leave your home, you end up wondering what you should do with your cat. Cats don’t seem as eager to travel as dogs; they are known for enjoying their freedom and independence. You probably know that it would be a bad idea to take your feline to a five stars hotel with a pool and open bar for a week, but what about only a weekend out of town? Or at your parents’? Should you even consider making a trip with … [Read more...]

Bare It All: 5 Great Spanish Beaches to Get Naked for the First Time

When the summer sun starts to shine, shorts get shorter, and tops come off. The towels flap down in the sand, beer caps pop, and margaritas flow freely. But what about those tan lines? Forget them this year by setting up camp at one of the many nude beaches in Spain where nothing is left to the imagination. Keep reading to discover where you can bare it all! Tenerife – Playa La Tejita The island of Tenerife, situated in the Canary Islands, is not only a paradise and resort … [Read more...]

7 Dream Vacations for You and Your Kids

Having a bucket list trip with the entire family, especially when kids are involved can be one of the exciting activities that you could have as a family. However, planning the trip can be a scary affair considering that most people find it hard to pick a destination everyone will enjoy. Your family deserves a vacation destination whereby everyone gets to bond and have fun.  Here are seven dream vacation destinations that you should consider visiting with your kids. Travel to … [Read more...]

How to Drive Safely When Travelling with Kids

Nothing is more precious to you than your children so it’s of crucial importance you know how to keep them safe when you drive around with them. As a first step you need to be sure your kids are properly secured in the car before you even start the engine. Next off be sure you have all your insurance properly set up and have copies of your plan in your glovebox in the case that an unexpected accident occurs. When it’s finally time to start your trip you should drive as cautiously as possible so … [Read more...]

6 Important Tips Everyone Should Know Before They Go Kayaking

Kayaking is a sport in which a kayak is used for moving across water. It is usually compared to canoeing for its similarities although it is distinguished by the sitting position of the individual paddling and the number of blades on the paddle. Getting involved with a new hobby can be unnerving, particularly a water-based sport. Kayaking is a considerably simple activity to learn, even if you have no previous experience.  If you are looking to start kayaking and you are a complete … [Read more...]

How To Select The Best Holiday Accommodation For Your Family

When we plan family travel, it is challenging to search through thousands of options for rental homes for family vacation. With so many options, how to know which vacation rental home to choose? Beach vacation snorkel girl snorkeling with mask and fins. Bikini woman relaxing on summer tropical getaway doing snorkeling activity with snorkel tuba flippers sun tanning. Banner crop for copy space Tips For Selecting A Family Vacation Rental Home Review All The Photos Closely- You should … [Read more...]