10 Most Delicious Vegan Meat Burger Alternatives

Did you know 2019 is dubbed "the year of the vegan"? For years veganism has been a minority, but it's becoming more and more mainstream. And businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. Even McDonalds offers a McVegan burger on their menu! But whether you've taken the path to veganism or not, you may feel curious about vegan meat alternatives. Can a veggie burger really taste just as good as a classic beef burger? As you'll see from the options below, these meat alternatives aren't all … [Read more...]

What You Can Eat on a Vegan Diet

A lot of people think that following a vegan diet is the sort of thing that would be extremely difficult to do. While it is definitely true that following a vegan diet is going to require a fair amount of effort on your part and if you are the sort of person that’s lazy chances are that you might not be willing to put that effort in because of the fact that you would feel like it would be too much of a hassle. However, a vegan diet isn’t exactly difficult, you just need to figure out what you … [Read more...]