Wedding Planning Ideas to Give Your Special Day a Luxurious Vibe

Planning for your wedding can be overwhelming having in mind that it should be among your most special days and a major milestone in your life. But no worries though! You can manage to have the fun-filled auspicious day of your dreams, but only if you plan it right. The rule of the thumb, organization! You want to show your wedding photos to your kids one day and show off your planning skills So, before you write your vows, here are some wedding planning ideas to give your special day a … [Read more...]

How Far In Advance Is The Right Time To Start Planning Your Wedding?

A wedding is considered as every woman's biggest day! This means serious business. With all of the work you need to make your big day the perfect day, there is a lot to get done in order to have it go off without a hitch. Part of the stress that is associated with planning a wedding is knowing how far in advance to start planning it. There is no real answer to that question, as it can depend on a lot of factors. Worry not though. Even if there is no definitive answer, these tips will help you … [Read more...]

How to Plan a Wedding Step by Step

Weddings are parties celebrating life and love. They are both fun and exciting to look forward to yet overwhelming to plan. This is how to plan a wedding step by step and enjoy every moment leading up to exchanging vows.  Enjoy Your Engagement The first step in planning a wedding, of course, is to get engaged. Take the time to bask in the excitement of staring at the engagement ring, taking photos, and kissing and hugging each other. Be excited about starting a new chapter and look … [Read more...]

Planning a Destination Wedding? Here are 4 Things You Should Do For Your Guests!

Planning a destination wedding can be as stressful as it is rewarding. From choosing a venue to finding the catering, most things have to be done online or over the phone and many decisions have to be made without seeing or testing anything for yourself. And as if planning the actual celebrations wasn’t enough of a challenge, you also need to think about the days before and after as well as how to look after your guests. But fear not, because we’ve got the ultimate checklist for taking care … [Read more...]

10 Things You Should Plan At Least 3 Months Before Your Wedding

As your wedding day approaches, you’ll be inundated with a lot of small little details that you will have to make decisions on. Still, there are some things you need to give priority to so that you’re not overwhelmed during those last few chaotic days. While some things can be put off until later, several things really must be done at least a few months before so that your day will go as smoothly as possible. 1. Lock It In If you haven’t done so already, lock down many of the details … [Read more...]

Frugal 2019 Wedding Catering Tips That Will Aggrandize The Charm of Your Gala Night

Making decisions on wedding catering is axiomatically one of the most bothersome tasks for couples. When there is such a colossal range of cuisines and varieties to choose from, the pressure to formulate the best menu for your big day is inexplicable. What are the traits of a lip-smacking wedding menu and how to formulate a wedding menu that doesn't make a dent in your budget? These questions usually float in the mind of every couple who is striving hard to arrange the best catering options. … [Read more...]

7 Tips To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Theme

A wedding is a lot of things. It's a chance for everyone to have fun and celebrate the fruition of a new relationship. It's also a chance for the bride and groom to express their personalities to beloved relatives and friends. Many couples want a theme that is fun and tells the world what is most important to them personally. Here are a few things to consider as you plan that ideal day. Think about your backgrounds, shared interests, honeymoon plans and the kind of people, places, and things … [Read more...]

Plan A Dream Wedding In Arizona

Arizona receives some of the best weather in the entire continental United States. In fact, the Grand Canyon state receives more sunshine year-round than any other of the fifty states. This statistic can be surprising for those who travel to Florida, California or even Hawaii to have a sunny wedding or vacation. Scottsdale, Arizona is quickly becoming a popular wedding destination for a few key reasons. Besides the excellent weather, Scottsdale is home to some of the greatest wedding venues in … [Read more...]