Your Essential Guide to the Different Types of Welding Processes

Welding has been evolving ever since the time humans have learned how to connect metals by using heat. The rapid evolution of welding into its many forms was facilitated by technological breakthroughs in different eras. Welds can now be created from fires, electricity, chemical explosivity, or even atomic hydrogen. There are several types and methods of welding for different type of work to be performed by welding but there is a common thing in all is SAFETY. Every type of welding requires … [Read more...]

What First Time Welders Need To Know

Welding can be vaguely traced back in history to a few thousand years back. A lot of historians believe that this practice could’ve begun in the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. It took a lot of time for welding to evolve to the form that we see today. The advent of carbon rod welding marked the rapid evolution of the welding process as we know it today. It was then that techniques and materials became more sophisticated in a way that maximized efficiency, accuracy, and aesthetic appeal. … [Read more...]

Why Welding Fabrication is Important

If you're in the welding business or possess some house repairs, then you likely know about welding. It is a service that's essential in numerous businesses but is tremendously underrated. So underrated is welding which, it's increasingly facing labor shortages from the developed world.  For example, it's anticipated that the U.S is going to have a lack of 400k welders from the year 2025. However, you don't need to be worried. If you have well-guided tutorials and reviews of good gears … [Read more...]