Types of Business Letters and When To Use Them

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Business letters serve as very important communication tools and is frequently used in the professional world. One might need to write various business letters at various stages of his or her career, this might include instances when you are applying for a position or making a resignation. In this article we will be looking into the kinds of business letters, when they are used and various tips to be considered while writing yours.   

Letter of Complaint

This is a form business letter written by someone (a person or a company) stating its dissatisfaction with the products or services offered by a company. To write a letter of complaint, it is necessary to keep a polite tone, even when you are clearly irritated and have a lot to complain about.

Order Letter 

This is the kind of letter sent out to place an order in a company. Order letters need to include correct information, so it is important to crosscheck all figures and detail before sending them. Also your language needs to be correct to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

In the situation you are writing T-shirt order letter you should know that these letters should clearly state the items to be bought and their specifications. They also spell out the other terms of references that govern the sales and purchases of the designated items. 

This letters may differ from one place to another or one situation to another. Despite this, there can be certain similarities in contents that exist, it includes the amount of T-shirts, nature and appearance of the designs, the desired color, size and fitting options and the recommended date of delivery.

Letter of inquiry

This is the type of letter written by someone who wishes to know or have some questions as regards the activity of another company. In order to write a proper letter of inquiry, ensure to find out some information you can before writing. Make a list of everything you need to know about the company so that they don’t escape your memory.  

Funds Verification Letter

A funds verification letter is simply a document being issued by a commercial bank or any other financial institution to show that a person, a corporation or an institution has enough money to reach the completion of a transaction. For example, when an individual plan to purchase a new home, you might need to provide a document, stating that you have enough money to purchase the house.

 The funds verification letter from a bank should include the following:

The name of the bank, Online banking statement (copy) , Amount of money in savings and checking accounts A certified bank statement, Money market statement including balance, and an approved signature of a bank employee.

Interview follow-up letters

You can send a follow-up letter after interviewing for an open position to thank the interviewer for their time and to demonstrate your interest in the job further. A follow-up letter can be sent after an interview for a vacant position, usually to  thank the interviewer for having you and to show your eagerness for the job position.

The content of a follow up letter should basically include: an overview of the interview, the skills you possess that’s related to the position and your expression of gratitude. You can also use the follow-up letter to thank the hiring manager for seeing you. This step shows professional courtesy and is enough to make an impression on your prospective employer.

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