4 Signs You’re Carrying Too Much Credit

Credit card debt can be dangerous. It can quickly spiral out of control if left unchecked. However, it’s not always easy to know when you’ve hit this point.  Here are four signs you’re carrying too much credit. You’re Only Making Minimum Payments Some people look at the minimum payment on their credit cards as a way to basically get free money. This is definitely not the reality of the situation.  It’s okay to make a minimum payment once in a while — if you’re really … [Read more...]

Why There Is No “Easy Way” Out of Debt

Debt is one of the most relatable issues facing people in the United States. Across all generations, the vast majority of people have debt of some kind. There are a lot of people who will tell you they have an easy solution for you to get out of debt. But you should be skeptical of anyone who tells you this. Here’s why there is no “easy way” out of debt. Bankruptcy Isn’t a Get Out of Debt Free Card A lot of people go through bankruptcy. In fact, over 770,000 individuals filed for … [Read more...]

Why There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Debt Relief

It’s easy to feel like you’re alone in dealing with debt. After all, it’s not the easiest subject in the world to talk about with others. Many people even conceal their debt, working hard to appear outwardly unaffected by financial stressors like collection notices. But rest assured, if you’re carrying debt, you’re far from the only one. It’s likely many of your family members, friends and acquaintances are also facing debt of some sort. Here’s the proof: For the fifth consecutive year, … [Read more...]

Top Side Hustles for Clearing Some Student Debt

Student debt can be overwhelming and frightening unless you can take control of the situation. Often, once you have graduated and secured a job, there may not be the extra cash to pay off some of your debt while you find a home, pay the bills, possibly relocate etc. So where can you find some extra cash to start taking the pressure off and clearing some of that tricky student debt. Gambling with your money over at BarbadosBingo is a way to do it but it’s a risky one, so here’s some of our top … [Read more...]

Three Useful Ways to Manage Single Parent Debt

Are you a single mother/father? And do you want to get over all your debt? If yes, then you are not the only one. The U.S. Federal Reserve data reveals that most U.S household incurs credit card debt of $15,863. The student loans are close to $33,090 Also, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shows that there are approximately 52% of medical debt credit bureau fillings. As a single parent, if you're caught up in excess debt, you have company! However, this fact shouldn't be an excuse to … [Read more...]

When Is The Right Time To Consolidate Business Debt

Smaller business loan consolidation is perfect for lowering current interest rate and also for reducing size of monthly payments.  This service might further enable you to borrow some additional working capital. Knowing the right time to consolidate your business debt solely depends on the terms of current debt, the present situation of your current finance and even a bit on your personal credit. Some proven loans are able to offer best rates and even longest repayment terms of all smart … [Read more...]

How Can Single Mothers Use a Debt Consolidation Loan to Recover From a Bad Financial Rut?

There are many public and private financial firms offering grants to the single mothers who are looking out for ways to get rid of their troublesome financial debts. The need for financial aid may be many as to paying out the utility bills, child care, medication, housing, medical expenses, education, mortgage, etc. among many others. However, one problem is that many of such single mom grants offer only limited funding, and many of these have several strings attached that the single moms … [Read more...]

Creditfix’s Individual Voluntary Arrangement Helps Single Mothers Manage and Tailor Their Debt Repayment Schedules

What is an IVA? An individual voluntary arrangement allows you to pay off your creditors and make regular payments over a certain period of time. This arrangement requires you to convince at least 75% of your creditors to accept your proposition. And as a mother, when you are a single parent and the sole breadwinner of the house, this is an ideal deal for you because as long as you are making your regular IVA payments, your creditors cannot barge in on you. This is an ideal way to forgo your … [Read more...]