15 Easy Wood Burning Ideas For Beginners

We’re sure there have been days when you’ve found yourself with too much time on your hands and nothing to do with it. There are only so many books you can read and television shows you can watch before you want to try something new! This is where wood-burning comes in.  Wood burning or pyrography is simply the process of burning images onto a wooden surface. This form of art is also much older than you might think. Historians have discovered that artisans used heated metal rods to burn … [Read more...]

Japanese Samurai Warrior Masks: What They Mean & Why You Need To Own One

The Japanese culture has a long and rich history of culture, art and symbolism. One of the most common ways for people to express their emotions is through wearing masks. Out of the things that draw tourists to Japan is the wide variety of traditional arts and crafts that are found nowhere else in the world. Among these handicrafts, masks made from wood, paper, bamboo and various metals are highly prized for their uniqueness and delicate beauty. Best Japanese masks are an important part of … [Read more...]

Horse Paintings in Greek Mythology

Famous horse paintings have always been the charmers in Greek mythology through their extensive influence on art and literature. In ancient Greece, horses were revered as symbols of wealth, power, and status. Horses have been considered as highly prestigious animals with deep insights and great empathy. They shared an outstanding share of pride in wars and are widely represented in ancient art through books, galleries, and museums. The epic paintings of horses are of great importance as … [Read more...]

How to Paint Beautifully if You’ve Never Painted Before

Whether you’re a lover of all things painting and want to get started or you’ve tried and found you lack that natural artistic flair, don’t lose hope! There are lots of ways that you can still create beautiful paintings even if you don’t have the experience or natural ability. We’re going to look at some ways that you can build up your painting skills, and also some that cut a few corners for you! Either way, you’ll be able to create beautiful paintings that will impress everyone. Let’s get … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Best Frame for Your Wall Art

To frame or not to frame, that is the question. While a lot of art prints that you can buy in the market are already pre-framed, there are wall arts out there that come in solo. So, automatically, you have to do the framing yourself. Or sometimes, the frames that came with the art prints are just too bad that you have to replace them with better ones. Whatever the case may be, you still have to scour several local art stores to look for the frame that will perfectly complement your wall … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Living Room Super Cozy & Beautiful This Winter?

Winter has arrived. No one wants to go out in this weather. But nothing beats the comfort of curling up in the bed with hot chocolate and a good movie. Sounds interesting? Well, you don’t have to go the extra mile to make your living room warm and cozy this winter. Just a few changes and you are good to go! It’s time to ditch the cold and make your living room a welcoming space that you will loath to leave this winter season. Here are some easy hacks to make your living room super cozy and … [Read more...]

Tips For Learning DIY

Whether you are moving into your first home and are looking to undergo some of the renovation work yourself to save some budget or are looking to grow your skillset by carrying out some home improvements, DIY skills are a great addition which can stay with you for life. Although bigger projects will require the help of experienced architects in London, having your own DIY knowledge will allow you to make the finishing touches and add your own unique spin, making your house into a home. Learn … [Read more...]

Top-Notch Photography Trends in 2021

It would be a mistake to assume visual trends stay unchanged and survive from season to season. Some concepts and ideas are long-term, but their popularity isn’t a persistent axiom. Besides, outer influences like global challenges and events take place as well — from disruptions caused by the worldwide epidemics to new fashion week tendencies based on designers’ creativity. It is impossible and unnecessary to implement all demanded styles and approaches within one photo and even one … [Read more...]