How Long Does It Take for Whiplash Symptoms to Appear?

Did you know that over 20% of whiplash injuries end up in suffering chronic pain? And while you not have thought much of the accident you were involved in, there can be some serious long-term consequences if you're not careful. Let's face it. Accidents that cause whiplash can derail you. But how can you be certain you have whiplash if you're not showing any signs? While whiplash is sometimes a less-severe injury, it can often have very serious consequences. Wondering how long … [Read more...]

What to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Your First Weighted Blanket

Over the past few years, more and more people have come to realize the benefits of weighted blankets. These revolutionary blankets are designed to offer a range of valuable benefits that can aid relaxation, improve sleep, and boost your quality of life. Available for both children and adults, they have proven extremely popular and have received a lot of great press. If you are interested in trying one of these blankets out for yourself, it is advisable to get an idea of what to look for … [Read more...]

Why Does Love Make Us Stronger?

Love and hate are both very powerful emotions that can take hold of the lives of people feeling them for many years for good or for worse. Out of the two, however, love always ends up coming on top and in this article we are going to be discussing why does love makes us stronger and how you can use the feeling of 'love' to improve your life and those of others around you.      Brings out the Motherly Size of Women.  Love is the basis of a great family and women … [Read more...]

Treating Your Hidradenitis Suppurativa at Home

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is a chronic, inflammatory, debilitating skin disease that affects 1-4% of the general population. HS typically presents after puberty with painful, deep-seated lesions most commonly in areas such as the underarm, under the breast, buttocks, thighs and groin but it can occur almost anywhere on the body. HS lesions can leak exudate which can be very painful and cause a lot of distress for the preson living with the disease.  Natural HS Treatments There … [Read more...]

4 Amazing Positive Effects of Video Games on the Brain That You Don’t know

In the United States, over 164 million people play video games.  There has been a stigma surrounding video games that people who play them are lazy and aren't doing anything productive.  However, video games can actually be quite good for you and your health.  Have you ever thought of how beneficial video games are on your mental growth? Here are 4 positive effects of video games on the brain. 1. Improve Moods Playing video games is actually a really great way … [Read more...]

Best Value CBD Oils for Pain and Anxiety

If you’re experiencing pains and/or anxiety, CBD may be a treatment that you haven't tried yet. If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, it is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in Cannabis plants. Research on the substance is gathering pace, but early results show promising evidence that CBD products are an excellent remedy for pain and anxiety.  In stark contrast to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is another cannabinoid, CBD doesn't have any psychoactive side effects. This means you wouldn’t … [Read more...]

Home Exercises That Improves Lung Health

Whether you’re looking to climb that long flight of stairs to your apartment, become a better swimmer, or even protect your lungs in general, increasing your lung capacity and improving their performance is imperative. Unfortunately, no matter how genetically lucky you are, the lung capacity and strength start decreasing as we age, specifically beyond the mid-20s. Certain diseases and viruses like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can significantly reduce our lungs’ functions as … [Read more...]

What Are The Best Anti-Aging Remedies?

For those of us trying to defy the aging process, we go into it knowing father time is undefeated. That being said you cannot fault us for trying. The legend of the fountain of youth has been fabricated since man became conscious of their age and beauty. Wanting to preserve what makes you feel and look amazing is only natural. While there is some merit to the argument that humans in our society should embrace the aging process, that is easier said than done. Below are some of those most amazing … [Read more...]