Boosting Body Confidence After Baby

Among women of all ages, body image confidence is currently at an all-time low, with 56 percent of women stating they are dissatisfied with their bodies. This statistic also includes women who are either pregnant or postpartum as studies show that after giving birth, most women experience insecurities around their new bodies.  The female body is remarkable in many ways—one of which is it's capability to create and sustain life and deliver babies. However, the rapid changes that occur to the … [Read more...]

Warning Signs of Emotional Abuse in Marriage

Relationships are not all chocolates, roses, and holding hands. There’s not always living happily ever after or a secret bond between two people making everything magically easy. Relationships and love are not effortless nor granted. It's extremely hard work to get to know each other, learning to let go and compromise, and accept each other’s boundaries. But how can you be sure that the time to let it go completely has come? Seeking the advice from Survive Divorce, we’ve prepared this … [Read more...]

10 Health Benefits of CBD Oil That Everyone Should Know

Everyone is talking about it, yet few actually understand its therapeutic benefits. Like the phenomenal magic waters that give life, CBD oil is now popping up in the medical world with positive attributes each day. Read on to find out why you should use CBD oil. Gone are the days when you would give the doctors full trust. Yes, there are better machines to treat and diagnose ailments, but not only have medications become more expensive but pharmaceutical medicines always come with … [Read more...]

Top 5 Wellness Trends You Should Consider In 2020

Wellness has become the central point of our health. As a result, many of us started following the lasted wellness trends that are new each year. If the physical health was the biggest trend a few years ago, last year and this one, the mental health takes the spotlight. According to the experts’ predictions, people will focus more on their emotions and mental conditions, rather than looks. But, that doesn’t mean workouts are outdated. Moreover, it means they will be one part of the whole … [Read more...]

7 Easy Ways for Elderly to Stay in Shape

Let’s face it - growing old isn’t the best feeling in the world (usually). And one of the most challenging things in every senior’s life is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay active and in shape. While the mobility of older people is very often limited, and it would be risky to exaggerate with difficult exercises, there are some workouts that are suited for an older body. In this article, we will talk about seven easy ways for the elderly to stay in shape so that their bodies and minds … [Read more...]

Experience a Massage in Chiang Mai

For first time visitors to the city of Chiang Mai, getting out and about and exploring the city on foot is a worthwhile but tiring thing to do. But if you conclude your sightseeing with a relaxing massage in Chiang Mai, you’ll be all rested and ready to resume your walks the next day. Any visit to a spa offering massage in Chiang Mai should include a foot massage. This therapeutic type of massage uses the ancient Chinese principles of reflexology to benefit your entire body as well as your … [Read more...]

What are the Benefits of Learning an Instrument?

Lots of people have thought about it. Learning how to play an instrument. Whether they were inspired or just curious, learning how to play an instrument has always fascinated people. The difficulty is obvious, but the rewards are plenty.  Here are some benefits to learning how to play an instrument that might just make you take the plunge and learn one for yourself. Express Creativity Music is a blank canvas where your imagination can run wild. You can experiment with new chord … [Read more...]

5 Effective Ways to Relax Your Body After a Workout

One of the deterrents of workouts for many people is the soreness they experience afterward. Muscles tense up if you do not follow a proper post-workout routine. There are different ways to ensure that your body does not hate you after a workout, even if it is a grueling one. Post-workout nutrients One of the most important acts to do is to replenish your body with all the nutrients and water that was lost during your workout. You can include some oil-supplements, in your post-workout … [Read more...]