How COVID-19 Inspired Single Mom, Karen Rae, To Start a New Business

My name is Karen Rae, I'm the founder of Balanced Life and creator of The Signature Balanced Life Planner®. I never set out to start a business or create a product but found my way here through a passion for helping others and what I like to refer to as divine inspiration. When life slowed down in March of 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the extra time at home was a blessing in disguise for my family. One night, I couldn’t sleep and thought once things return to “normal,” I don’t … [Read more...]

Eliminate Your Fears of Rolling A Perfect Joint

Smoking is the most common mode of cannabis consumption. And when anyone says cannabis smoking, a joint automatically pops in the mind. Isn’t it? Cannabis users can choose from a wide variety of cannabis strains available in the market. The process of finding the strain which works best for you might be a journey. So, knowing how to perfectly make a beautiful joint might be an asset for you. Although there are a lot of pre-rolled joints available in the market, the pleasure of rolling a joint … [Read more...]

How Florists Keep Flowers Fresh

Flower are appealing to the senses. People give out flowers during different occasions and are top choices to give as gift during occasions such as Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary or a Funeral. Although the flowers are easily perishable, when properly maintained they can last for a long period of time. Florists have discovered various ways through which flowers can be kept fresh and in good quality while still preserving the memories. Whatever you need a flower for, whether to bid … [Read more...]

Teaching English Online: Live Anywhere, Work Worldwide

This year has been a strange one. A pandemic and lockdown wasn’t something that any of us predicted or planned for, and it has caused many of us to suffer from anxiety. Because of this, it is more important than ever to keep an eye on your mental health. Our routines have completely changed, planning ahead is uncertain, and we can be left feeling a little out of sorts. Learning to relax and put yourself in a good headspace is imperative; otherwise, you will find yourself feeling really bogged … [Read more...]

7 Herb Grinders That Make Life Easier

An herb grinder is an essential tool for the modern stoner. Rather than having to grind herbs by hand (or worse, not at all) before smoking you can use a grinder to do the work for you. Grinders are especially helpful for the stickiest and dankest herbs, which don’t like to separate easily. Grinders save you lots of time if you’ve got a lot of cannabis to cut through. With a grinder you’ll not only save your hands from tiring and being sticky, but you’ll also be keeping most of your … [Read more...]

7 Smoking Pipes That Beat Expectations

When shopping for a new smoking pipe, it is easy to miss fantastic choices that get lost in the sea of what is available. To make the process simple, we have hand-selected seven pipes that have proven to be customer favorites. Each of these pipes offers its own interesting features, including a few you may not have noticed from a quick glance. Take a look below and see which pipe will become your new favorite! Swan Bubbler Pipe At first look, this swan bubbler pipe may look … [Read more...]

Most Important Thing Every Gambler Should Know While Using Poker Online

One of the best and most reliable betting sites, Qiu Qiu online, is now offering various recommendations so that players will enjoy betting in the way they want. If you are new to this field or looking to enhance your way of making a strategy, this recommendation might help you. All the mentioned things will be as per experience and demand. The player who loves betting may want to know other methods that can make games interesting than before. The same thing is here with poker … [Read more...]

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Choosing the wedding venue is one of the most important steps in a couple’s planning process. The wedding venue sets the stage and can make or break a celebration. Since a wedding day is a huge investment and also an incredibly special day, it’s worth taking the time to carefully consider your options. This is even more important if you want to host a destination wedding. There are many more things to think about, so choosing a venue that meets you and your guests’ needs is imperative. A Los … [Read more...]