The Benefits of Juicing Fruits and Vegetables

Juicing is the latest health craze in the country for the last 10 years or so. You can find a juicer in every household and juicing/smoothie bars are popping up in every neighborhood. Freshly-squeezed juice is a favorite way for us to get the health benefits of our favorite fruits and vegetables without actually having to chew them. Many claim that juicing has "cleansing" and "antioxidant" properties. How true are these claims and can you really become healthier by juicing? The answer: It … [Read more...]

What Are the Benefits of Using a Masticating Juicer?

It seems like every year there is a new health trend that contradicts the common knowledge. With all the changes in health guidelines, it can be hard to keep up! The one tried and true health trend that isn’t going anywhere is the importance of having fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits and vegetables provide necessary vitamins and minerals to both growing children and adults. Getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet can be easier said than done, which is why juicing can be … [Read more...]

Benefits of Keto-Friendly Bread

Fiber first bread is a superfood powerhouse when it comes to living within your macros and taking care of your body on the keto diet. 95% of Americans do not consume enough fiber in their daily diets. However, increased fiber is linked to six different benefits, including better gut health and reduced belly fat. Increasing your fiber intake can be a life change that includes new habits and new supplements or powders to help add in the fiber you need for a happy gut. But what if I told you … [Read more...]

What Is The Difference In Wine Types

There are endless varieties of wine, and for a beginner it can seem utterly overwhelming. This beginner's guide describes the most popular wines you will encounter. There are several different types of wines you should know, but what are they and why are they important?  For red wines, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet are the most common varieties to be expected. Examples are Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Malabar, Piedmont, Burgundy and Champs-Elysees. Red wines such … [Read more...]

7 Cheap Tools That Will Make You Enjoy Cooking Again

Cooking is not always easy or fun. Want to reduce the pain of cooking? Some tools can make cooking so much easier, you wouldn’t want to leave your kitchen. You are watching an episode of your favorite cooking show and you see those amateur chefs using groundbreaking kitchen technology, which makes cooking look exciting. You look up for such a tool online and find out you absolutely can’t afford them. Feeling disappointed, you give up on homemade food. This is quite a common scenario. You … [Read more...]

11 Family Dinners That Seem Fancy But Are Super Simple

Do you want to wow your loved ones and make them think you slaved away for hours? Who said your family-style dinner offerings had to come from a box? The 11 recipes below will make folks think you transformed into Martha Stewart. Whip up one of these fancy-seeming family dinners for super-simple luxury without spending hours laboring over a hot stove.  1. Linguine With Clam Sauce Anything with seafood brings to mind visions of cozy New England inns serving up fruits fresh from … [Read more...]

The Benefits Of Buying Bulk Foods Wholesale

Are you buying food in bulk? If you're not, you'll want to look at some of the many benefits of buying bulk foods wholesale. Not only is this an environmentally friendly choice, but it offers plenty of other benefits as well.  You'll Reduce Your Waste  It's likely that you produce a lot of food waste when you shop right now. If you transition to buying bulk, you'll be able to cut back on that waste. You'll have less trash to worry about, and you'll have less recycling to take care … [Read more...]

Healthy Breakfast: Top 5 Ways to Make Your Omelette

Waking up with the sensuous aroma of the amalgamation of cheese and omelette does seem quite dream-like. However, it does not really sound too healthy at all. So how are you going to increase the healthful quotient of your seemingly-luscious breakfast? Well, there are several ways to do so.  However, if you are not a cooking-savvy person, then you might have to struggle a little bit in this aspect. But, there is no need to be afraid! Here, in this write-up, we are going to talk about … [Read more...]