Need to Send Your Child to Rehab? Here’s What to Pack?

There will be times in your life where you have to pack off your children somewhere. It’s always difficult to say goodbye, whether it be a few days on a school trip, sending them off to universitye ne, or even when they are flying the nest for the final time. It happens to us all. However, there are some periods where we don't expect to be sending our children away, whether that be due to illness or addiction. It can be heartbreaking sending off a child to rehab if they’ve been suffering from … [Read more...]

4 Best Ways to Improve Your Relationships

The journey from "we can't" to "we can" can be long and tiring. Marriage is often thought of as "happily ever after," but the onward journey might not necessarily be happy. When trouble keeps knocking, it is okay to start questioning every moment of the relationship, even the happiest ones. It is essential to keep in mind that the marriage rate in Lakewood has been falling lately. So with a low marriage rate and a high chance of divorce, people are moving towards professional guidance to … [Read more...]

How to Be a Successful Single Mother?

Being a single mother is hands down one of the most challenging jobs in the world. And, the worst part? It's underappreciated and often frowned upon due to societal views. Becoming a mother itself is an extremely stressful period, and having to do all of it alone can be a lot for a single person. However, being a successful single mother isn’t that difficult, provided you have the right guidance. Motherhood is often an innate quality that most women have. So, as you go around enjoying some … [Read more...]

Activities that Help Your Family Bond

It’s not always easy staying close as a family. Maybe you’re a parent, and you have to work many hours every week. You might work a couple of jobs, and perhaps your spouse or partner does as well. You may struggle to come up with ways to stay close, particularly if you have slightly older kids who like to spend a lot of time in their rooms by themselves. It’s helpful to figure out some family activities you can all enjoy, though. That’s one way to ensure everyone stays mentally healthy and … [Read more...]

Reasons To Start A Family Later In Life

There are many reasons to start a family later in life. For one, you may have a more stable financial situation. You may also be more mature and have a better understanding of what it takes to be a parent. Additionally, you may have more time to devote to your children. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of starting a family later in life. You'll have the time to achieve a post-graduate degree. As people get older, they often start to think about starting a family. And while … [Read more...]

How Independent Should a Teen Be?

For parents of pre-teens or teens, figuring out how much independence to give your child can be tough. You want your teenager to learn how to do things on their own because the ultimate goal of raising a child is that they can live successfully and happily on their own. At the same time, you want to keep them safe. For example, you might want to delay your teen getting their driver’s license as long as you can because you’re worried about them being in an accident, especially as an … [Read more...]

How Families are Surviving the Recession

How do moms and dads boost their financial well-being and get through the current recession? The good news is that there are several useful techniques for doing so, and they don't require getting a second job, turning your life upside down, or borrowing money. So, what does it take to live through the Great Recession of 2022? Besides refinancing college loans, many parents choose to homeschool their children in order to save on the cost of sending kids to private schools.  Plus, the … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Cope When Missing a Lost Loved One

Losing someone near and dear to you can change your life forever. Time may make things easier, but that doesn’t mean that the longing will ever stop. It’s normal to miss people you’ve lost and sometimes it’s important to simply sit with those feelings and allow yourself to grieve, no matter how much time has passed. Coping with these feelings can be tough and you might not know where to go with all your emotions. Here are a few ways that you can try to process and deal with what you’re going … [Read more...]