Divorce During Quarantine – How to Get Through It

The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused unprecedented chaos in every aspect of our lives. Millions of people have lost loved ones, found themselves unemployed and unable to pay their bills, and in major financial trouble. One often-overlooked consequence of this terrible pandemic is the strain it has put on many relationships. Many couples have found themselves at odds due to the stress and strain of the situation and many relationships have not survived the pressure. Divorce is always difficult, … [Read more...]

Changing Dynamics of Hollywood & Its Undiscovered Roles

Hollywood possesses the power to change the opinions of the people. Cinema possesses the power to change the opinion of the masses. It can change narratives. It can change the views. It can change the descriptions. It can change narratives. It can change narratives. It can change the world’s take on important matters. It can change the world’s view on important matters of humanity. What Hollywood Can Do? Billions are people are watching movies on a daily basis. Do you see the power of … [Read more...]

7 Amazing Benefits of Babywearing

There should be nothing more pleasurable than traveling around with a newborn baby. Sadly, the logistics can be challenging as the parent steers their stroller past endless obstacles. People and boxes get in the way at shopping centers, and doors and stairs threaten to block the way. This is why babywearing is becoming increasingly popular. Let’s find out why.   They are Versatile and Varied There are lots of different baby carriers available on the market. It was helpful to … [Read more...]

3 Best Ways Your Child Can Learn Rhyming

Rhyming is the best way to figure out how easily your kiddo can learn reading because skilled children quickly notice that rhyming phrases or words have shared alphabet cycles. These are like all, ball, tall, small, etc, thus giving your bundle of joy the enthusiasm to learn reading.  Usually, children love hearing and partaking in rhyming classes at childcare centers, and once they’re exposed to the process, they learn to read and pick up this skill fast. Then, if you are not that good … [Read more...]

Using Cheap International Calls To Keep In Touch With Loved Ones

Keeping in touch with loved ones can be quite a challenge when they aren’t in the direct vicinity with us, and we keep getting busy with one thing or the other. Fitting anything in a busy work schedule, if it isn’t a requirement can be quite challenging. However, talking to your parents at the end of the week, if you are studying in another country, can be quite comforting, whether you are telling them about all the amazing stuff that happened at work, or all the negativity you want to vent and … [Read more...]

“Surrogacy Ukraine Gave Us Hope, and the Family We’ve Always Wanted”

Intended parents aren’t the only ones that feel joy, hope, and a love for family.  Oftentimes, when considering surrogacy, the stories that get told seem to fall into two categories- either those sharing an inspiring story of parents who were finally able to make their dreams come true thanks largely to the qualitative efforts of an incredible community, or those that speak of the dark side of carrying that child.  Rarely do we find the joy and elation that can be heard from both … [Read more...]

Can a Baby Swing or Bouncer Cause Brain Damage?

The brain is made up of different types of cells and the most common cells are neurons (nerve cells) and glia cells(non-neuron). A study has found that Shaken baby syndrome destroys the brain cells of a child and prevents the brain from getting oxygen. A lack of oxygen in the brain can result in severe brain damage or even death.  Shaken Baby Syndrome or Shaken Impact Syndrome usually occurs in children under age 2 and it might affect children throughout their lives. According to … [Read more...]

What Does Preschool Offer My Child?

If your child is approaching preschool age, the thought of kissing even a little bit of your precious time together goodbye can seem like too much to bear. But preschool can be a great step for the whole family in terms of education, development and growth for everyone involved, especially your child. Preschool is a fantastic stepping stone into the world of education, and it's important that they test out the waters sooner or later. If you're on the fence about whether or not to send your … [Read more...]