8 Ideas for a Unique Bucks Party

When your friend decides to take the big plunge into married life, you want to send him out with a bang. However, coming up with an idea of what to do can seem a bit challenging at first. Luckily for you, we're going to reveal our top eight ideas of what to do for the perfect bucks party. Pub Crawl One of the best traditions for a bucks night is to do a pub crawl of his favorite bars. You can reminisce over the past and enjoy letting loose with some great alcoholic drinks. The best … [Read more...]

Gender Reveal Party Ideas to Celebrate Parenthood

So you’re having a new baby - what an exciting time! Whether it’s your first kid or your fifth, it’s a new chapter nonetheless, and one worthy of a friend and family gathering. Nothing ushers in a new member of the family like a welcome party!   So whether you cut open a cake or skydive through pink- or blue-colored smoke clouds, it’s important to relish this special time. In a culture that sometimes seems to be all about the baby's needs (and what Mom can or can’t do, drink, eat, … [Read more...]

Helping Parents Find the Best Assisted Living

To lead a dignified and happy life post-retirement happens to be the primary thought of an aging parent. Parents wait for this time with anticipation that they will spend quality time with their children and their progenies once the responsibilities are over. They imagine this phase as family time because they don't have to hurry now. Often reality doesn’t meet expectations. Retirement feels lonely, dull, and boring. As a child, you can also be helpless because of your busy schedules. You start … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Bed and Mattress for Your Kid

Children grow up fast. Too fast, as far as some parents are concerned, as they burst through clothes and shoe sizes at what seems to be an alarming rate. As part of that growth, they quickly leave their baby room furniture and end up in need of a bed. Fortunately, beds can take longer to outgrow, especially if you start with a twin. Since the bed will be with them for a few years, you want to ensure it’s right for them and their growing bodies. While the general rules of mattress and bed buying … [Read more...]

5 Things Women Secretly Want in the Bedroom and Beyond

A woman is a mystery or so the saying goes. It’s very difficult for guys sometimes to decode the desires of their partners and to ensure perfect harmony in the bedroom (and beyond). Obviously, there are tons of gender stereotypes that stand in the way of profound understanding. Lots of those revolve around the bedroom desires of ladies. These stereotypes, however, don’t come anywhere near the exact needs of women. If you’re looking for ways to improve your bedroom performance and make your … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Create a Strong Connection With Your Partner

Healthy relationships require a lot of hard work. You must stay connected with your partner if you want your relationship to last, and unfortunately, the busy demands of your separate lives may cause a rift between you and your significant other. Finding ways to stay connected even after being together for many years is vital.  Here are five fun ways you can keep the spark alive in your relationship. Surprise Each Other With Fun Gifts Everyone enjoys receiving gifts. Surprising … [Read more...]

Tips to Manage Rocky Times in A Marriage

Marriage can be a harmonious and enjoyable time for couples who are madly in love with each other and who strive to build a life together, but that does not mean marriage is free of problems and dilemmas. In fact, it is common for couples whether married or not, to have arguments and disagreements and they can usually be resolved by simply communicating with your partner. However, there are external and unforeseen factors that can hurt a marriage that is out of your control and can translate … [Read more...]

Fun Facts About Guys Growing up

Growing up is one of the biggest mysteries for everyone. From the look, personality, and many other things are changing over time.  For guys, growing up can change them completely. It’s not uncommon for guys to be unrecognizable after reaching puberty. Because not only their faces look different, but they will also get taller and hairier. If you’re a parent, or just simply want to know more about guys growing up, I have a list of fun facts that you should know.  Interests … [Read more...]