The Best Age for Getting a Pet

Introducing an animal into the family is a big decision and not one that should be rushed into. Pets are a lot of responsibility and need plenty of love, care, and training. While it might be tempting to quieten the relentless “can we get a dog?” requests by offering one when your child turns X or for getting good grades, it’s not advisable to use the prospect of a puppy or kitten as a reward.  Your kids might be full of promises about how they’re going to care for a pet, but once the … [Read more...]

Where are reptiles kept?

One of the most important questions about keeping a reptile is, "where are reptiles kept?" A reptile can be considered a pet in some states, depending on what type of law they live under. In other states, they are considered wild animals and must be cared for as such. The first step to answering the question, "where are reptiles kept?" is to learn about which kind of animal it is you are considering. The first question is whether your answer will include an amphibian or a terrestrial animal. … [Read more...]

6 Major reasons why a dog should sleep on his bed

Our pets also need a comfortable and peaceful sleep similar to what we need. It is very important to maintain a comfortable and better environment for pets where they can live peacefully. Most of the pets spend 14-16 hours sleeping, which makes it hard for the pet owner to create a perfect environment accordingly. Similarly, if you are a dog owner you need extra care for every small thing. Dogs also love sleeping and they can sleep anywhere they feel comfortable. But being a dog pet owner, … [Read more...]

Pets 101: 7 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Furry Companion

Are you feeling bored at home or lonely? Need a companion? Don't worry; a furry pal might just be what you need! Having a pet in your home is definitely an excellent form of entertainment and pleasure; however, taking care of the pet is a whole other story and something you need to be diligent about.  Pets are like children; they need attention, care, and grooming to live a happy and healthy life. If you're looking to find out how to take care of your pets, you've hit the jackpot! Here … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Family Dog

Many families with young children or even babies try to decide whether getting a family dog is a good idea. Babies, toddlers, and young kids are a lot of work, and adding a dog on top of that can feel stressful. However, there are several reasons you should consider getting a family dog. Adults and children alike can benefit from dog ownership in a number of ways. Plus, dogs sure are cute! 1. Your Family Can Get More Exercise Dogs need time to run and play outside. They like to go on … [Read more...]

How To Involve Your Children in the Puppy Training Process

Raising and training puppies comes with a truckload of responsibilities—many of which overlap with child-rearing. Although children bring with them life-long, complicated baggage, fur-babies are no walk in the park either—although they could benefit from a stroll or two. Twist, turns, and tantrums are sure to ensue as you and your children acclimate to your new furry family member.  Potty training catastrophes, unexpected vet visits, and ruthless teething urges are common when raising … [Read more...]

Prevent Your Cat From Clawing Your Furniture

Don't you all love your little pet cats? But if you have a cat at home, you must be aware of their clawing habits. Do you still like your pet cats when they're clawing your furniture and scratching your important papers? I bet you don't. This gets so irritating after a while that all you want to do is lock your cat up in a cage. Feels a bit harsh, isn't it? But don't worry because we know how you can prevent your pet cats from clawing out all your furniture without locking them up in a cage. … [Read more...]

Why Can Fish Be Fantastic First Pets For Your Children?

Most people in the U.S. may have dogs or cats, but did you know that fish are the third most popular pet, with over one million households having at least one? Fish are such a good choice when you are living in a busy home with little children, since they are relatively easy to care for, and make such a beautiful addition to your interiors. If you’ve seen fish jumping up to catch food, giving ‘kisses’ to their owners through the glass, or swimming gracefully through structures in their aquarium, … [Read more...]