Treating Separation Anxiety In Puppies

Are you a new puppy owner because of the pandemic? The recent move to working from home has allowed thousands of people like yourself to take on the responsibility of a new puppy. It is a perfect situation. You get a dog to love on and your pet gets a devoted owner who is around all of the time. It really is a situation made in dog heaven. There is a problem though. What happens when you get called back to the office? That puppy of yours is used to round-the-clock attention and when you take … [Read more...]

Costs of Building a Horse Shelter

Like any other animal, horses need protection from the elements, and a horse wash bays shelter to go to when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Whether you're looking to build a barn or a smaller shelter there are plenty of options to choose from. One option is to build a paddock shelter to house your horse or horses. Paddock shelters come in a variety of styles, and materials, and of course costs. Paddocks shelters can be made out of corrugated metal and offer shelter that will withstand … [Read more...]

How To Cure A Dog Who’s Suffering From A Cold

All the owners of the pet dog have seen their best friend cough and sneeze. Often a cough doesn’t denote anything; while other times the same can be an indication of a cold. This canine cold is a serious illness that usually does not need a veterinary doctor’s help. Keeping the dog warm, allowing them to take rest completely, and ensuring that they get sufficient fluids are enough. If the symptoms do not get clear up easily or if they avoid eating and drinking, you must immediately look for the … [Read more...]

5 Costs to Consider When Getting a New Dog

When you’re adopting a new dog, there are several costs you should consider when adopting a new dog. While everyone knows that adopting a new animal isn’t cheap, many people don’t realize just how expensive a new dog can be.  Let’s take a look at some of the biggest expenses of getting a new dog to help you be better prepared.  1. The Dog Dogs can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Many people are surprised when they realize that their favorite dog … [Read more...]

Fish As Pets – Things To Keep In Mind

Fish are far more engaging than you would imagine. They're fun to watch as they work their way through a tank, spinning rocks and leaves in / out. They're even rushing to meet you at feeding, heading to the surface for the delicious snacks that you're about to fall in. It can also be a way to ease your children into losing loved ones as the unthinkable occurs and a fish swimming in the sea is discovered. If you're searching for a pet to fulfill a child's demand, so fish is the right answer. … [Read more...]

4 Supplements That Are Good For Your Dog

We all love our dogs. For many pet owners, this love translates to taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure the health and wellness of man’s best friend.  One of the growing ways many owners are taking in the care of their dogs is to give them supplements. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), it is estimated that nearly one-third of dogs are given some sort of dietary supplement for everything ranging from arthritis and joint stiffness to heart health, digestion, and … [Read more...]

7 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Reptile Pet

Exotic animals, such as reptiles, are not very common pets. But people nowadays are warming up to the idea of having such reptilian pets.  The relative ease of care and their increased availability are making reptiles an increasingly popular choice for pets.  But keeping reptiles is by no means an easy task. There is plenty of stigma and apprehension with reptiles, and that makes choosing the right reptile pet for your family a huge challenge.  To help you decide if reptiles … [Read more...]

5 Common Misconceptions About Pit Bulls

If there was a dog that was both dependable and stoic, while simultaneously playful and eager to please, it would be the breed group referred to as ‘pit bulls’. Don’t let the big, goofy-looking faces fool you, they can be just as smart as the rest. Unfortunately, due to decades of media misrepresentation, a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes have risen up around these loveable pups. “Pit Bull” actually isn’t a specific breed. When it comes to dogs that are attributed to being pit bulls, … [Read more...]