How to Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Owning a pet is a big responsibility. As soon as you become a pet owner, you are responsible for another living thing. Therefore, it is important that you take care of your pet properly as a responsible pet owner. Before you decide get your first pet, check these tips on how to be a responsible pet owner. 1. Be Prepared for Pet Ownership Being a pet owner is a great responsibility. As such, it is important to prepare well before you get your dog – both mentally and practically. You … [Read more...]

Every Pet Owner Should Be Aware of These Things When Feeding Them

Your pet, the furry member of your family, is probably one of your best friends— if not the best of them all. Naturally, this means that you’ll want to do everything you can to keep them happy and healthy, and one way to do that is by making sure that their diet is both balanced and nutritious. Feeding your cat or dog is not just about picking up the first— or even the most expensive— bag of kibble you see.  It takes a lot more than that to ensure a healthy diet for your beloved pet, so … [Read more...]

Things a First-Time Dog Owner Should Know

So, now you have a new dog with whom you can share your life. It surely is an amazing experience and will be rewarding for both of you. It can also be difficult, especially if you don’t know the first thing about dog ownership. Don’t worry,  caring for a dog isn’t as scary or overwhelming as it might seem. With a little bit of research and learning about the dog owners’ experiences, you’ll surely manage to create a healthy and happy environment for your new best friend.  Here are … [Read more...]

Where to Put Your Cat’s Litter Box

The rule of thumb when it comes to tucking away your cat’s litter box is: don’t think about you, think about your cat. Certain locations like behind bathroom stalls, closets, and cabinets may be convenient for you, but how about for the one who’s actually going to be using the litter box?  The great thing about our resident felines is that they don’t have to be let outside or walked in order to their business. Most cats are content discharging their bowels in clean, strategically placed … [Read more...]

Bringing Home Your First Pet? Here’s What You Need to Know First

Welcoming a new pet in your home is a big deal and an exciting occasion. Pets play a vital role in our lives and owning one regardless of their species, size, or breed will surely add meaning to your life. There are so many health benefits associated with owning a pet. For instance, owning a dog can help improve your physical health because of all the times you’ll be required to take them for walks. In addition to this, pets are faithful companions and they’ll never disappoint, well, except for … [Read more...]

Most Popular Species of Aquarium Fish

If you are a parent, you need to brace yourself for the day your kids will come begging for a pet.  No matter how hard you fight, chances are, they will prevail. However, when that day comes, you know quite well how they are not going to stick to their end of the deal where they vowed to take care of their beloved pet.  As a result, that responsibility will fall squarely on your shoulders, adding yet another chore to your already crammed to-do list. But this does not have to be the … [Read more...]

Barking Basics: What You Need to Know About Taking Care of Dogs

Owning a dog is by far one of the best decisions you can make as a homeowner. They’re called man’s best friends for a reason. A dog not only makes a wonderful companion, but he also makes a great workout and travel partner. He’s a source of joy and happiness, not forgetting the many physical, mental, and emotional health benefits that come from owning a dog. However, different dogs have different needs when it comes to pet care. Depending on factors such as age, size, and breed, for instance, … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Clean Up After Your Kitty

Cats are great companions and can make even the saddest person feel better. They are fun and playful while their purring is calming and soothing. If you own a cat, you probably know the joy of returning home to your furry friend. However, cats tend to surprise us with shredded toilet paper and scattered litter. Cats can sometimes sleep through the entire day, while at other times, they want fun, and they’ll find it in the weirdest places. Although they’re not necessarily difficult to clean … [Read more...]