Smart Ways to Name Your Pets

Are you struggling to find a suitable name for your cuddle buddy? Here’s a guide to help you out. For the most part, the process of bringing home a new pet from your local animal shelter or a pet adoption center is a breeze; it’s exciting and filled with emotions. The real problem shows up when it’s time to give them a name. If you have decided on a name way before the actual pickup date, then congratulations, you have already overcome the tough part. However, many people wait until they … [Read more...]

The Number One Scourge Affecting Dogs Today

The number one scourge affecting dogs today is a lack of proper obedience training. In light of this, most dog owners today have stepped up their game and consistently tried to find better dog training guidance. Whether you are considering getting a puppy or wish to create a better bond with your current dog, obedience training is crucial for having happy and healthy pets. Many companies provide obedience training to help dogs settle comfortably in their new homes and shed problematic habits. It … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Dog’s Life Easier

Dogs are, without a doubt, man's best friend. They're cute, cuddly, and adorable companions ranging from all shapes and sizes. They make us feel warm and fuzzy because of the cuteness they exude. In some cases, they're the first aid responders for people who have disabilities in the form of being a service dog. Dogs are versatile creatures. But how do we make it up to them? Well, we can return the favor by making their lives easy and giving them the care, attention, and love they need. … [Read more...]

The Top Benefits of Getting Your Cat Pet Insurance

If you are the proud pet owner of a cute and cuddly cat, congratulations! Cats provide us with so much joy. They are loyal and low-maintenance pets that can brighten our day by just a little purr or cuddle under our arm. Especially with the stressful times, the last two years have provided us all with, owning a cat is a great way to enhance our own wellbeing and provide company during a time of so much isolation. Owning a cat is always an adventure in itself, as they are incredibly … [Read more...]

7 Gorgeous Houseplants That Are Safe for Dogs

Looking to decorate with houseplants, but worried about your dog getting into them? Here are some houseplants that are safe to keep around dogs! There are a lot of struggles that come with owning a dog. Between vet visits, taking them out all the time, and training them to behave, it can feel like a full-time job some days. So with all of that time and effort put into raising your pet, the last thing you want to do is put out houseplants that could potentially poison your pooch. Several … [Read more...]

How to Know If Your Dogs Are Pregnant & Care of Them

If you've been wondering how to know if your dogs are pregnant and what to do about it, don't worry!  It's important that you take care of her to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery process. “How to know if your dogs are pregnant and care of them?” The answer to the question will be clarified right after you finish reading this post. Read on to learn what steps to take when caring for your expecting pet. Image Source - Pixabay Clear Signs to Identify Your Dogs Are … [Read more...]

Supplements and Healthy Nutrition for Dogs

Supplements have become a way of life for humans. About forty percent of us take these to complement or boost our diet, or to treat a certain condition. Nowadays people are realising that nutrition alone is not enough for themselves or their furry companions and a market has arisen to meet the need for dog supplements. However, the basis of good health starts with adequate nutrition that can be supplemented where necessary. Basic Nutrition for Dogs Dogs have evolved biologically and have … [Read more...]

How To Teach A Kitten To Use The Litter Box

The majority of cats looking for homes are already familiar with a litter box and how to use it. Cats learn this from watching their mother and following her lead. However, you’ll end up taking over this task if the cat you’re adopting wasn’t raised by its mother. Don’t worry though if this is the case. It’s easier than it sounds to teach a kitten to use the litter box. Mimic How To Use The Cat Litter Box When the time comes for your cat to use the litter box, bring your cat over to it … [Read more...]