Cleaning the Flu Away: A Visual Guide on Making Your Home Flu Free

Winter solstice is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere. And, although there are plenty of outdoor winter activities to explore, the shorter days of winter often means that you and your loved ones spend more time indoors. Indoor activities naturally means more exposure to the germs that cause the flu virus. Research shows that these nasty germs can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. Keeping your home clean and free of germs during the winter season is an important task. Tools and Tips … [Read more...]

Keeping Kids Healthy Through Flu Season And Beyond

The 2014-15 flu season was one of the worst ones in recent memory, and this season is just getting started. With all the confusion and misinformation about flu prevention, it’s important to know how to keep your family safer this winter. But making it through the next few months is only part of the issue. Moms are always looking for ways to multitask, and flu season is a great opportunity. Use these next few months to not only prevent the spread of illness, but also as a teaching opportunity to … [Read more...]

10 Cold & Flu Season Reminders for Busy Moms

Looking to stay ahead of cold and flu germs this fall and winter? Don’t miss these 10 essential tips for busy moms: Stock Up Do it now. Stock up on boxes of tissues for all the commonly used rooms in your house, and don’t forget travel packs for the car. Hand sanitizer and antibacterial soaps will also come in handy, as well as antiseptic wipes and sprays to clean off popular surfaces like doorknobs and faucets. Truly leave no reason for your kids not to be getting rid of germs when … [Read more...]