Haunted Houses Around Cincinnati

A haunted house can be one that people believe to be inhabited by disembodied spirits, however, during Halloween time there are many haunted house attractions setup just for the mere pleasure of being scared out of your wits. Jump scared tactics used in haunted houses can make your adrenaline rush as you jump in reaction to being freaked out while waltzing through a haunted house setup. While some will avoid haunted houses, others are looking for haunted houses around Cincinnati to get out and … [Read more...]

Top 5 Haunted Houses/Halloween Attractions around Cincinnati

One of my favorite things to do around Halloween time is to go to Haunted Houses! They are so much and I love being scared, which is a bit strange! It's all in good fun. I like to see what these haunted houses and haunted attractions come up with as scary! I usually try to fit in as many Haunted attractions in as I can every year because I always have a really great time at them with family and friends! Ohio has some really great haunted attractions, especially in the Cincinnati area! Some have … [Read more...]