4 Hacks For Making Cost Cutting Easier & Less Time-Consuming

When you have children, no one tells you just how much of a drain on your bank account they will be. You’re warned about the constant crying, the projectile vomiting, and the exploding nappies, but no one tells you that having little ones could put you on the brink of bankruptcy. So when you have your little ones and begin to realize just how expensive they are to look after, it can be quite a shock. The good news is that just because family life can break the bank, that doesn’t mean it has to. … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tips for You and Your Family!

As part of Day 2 of my Ultimate Blog Challenge, I thought I would give you all some tips on saving money, especially when it comes to your family.  In this day and age and with the economy how it is, you have to find as many ways to save money as you can.  It is especially true if you have children, like the majority of my readers do.  Here are just a few money saving tips that I have to help you out! Create a Budget - This is first and foremost on my list because there is no way you can … [Read more...]