How To Effectively Plan A Long Distance Move After A Divorce

There are a lot of people out there that will move far away from where they called home with their ex-spouse, just to escape the memories, the pain, or to have that “new start” feeling. However, a big cross-country move is a fairly intense thing to go through. It is going to take a lot of careful planning. While it might be very tempting to just throw caution to the wind and move tomorrow – just to see where fate takes you – that might not be in your best interest. Yes, there is some healing … [Read more...]

Top Tips to Help You Secure Your Next Home!

Image By Moving house can be stressful, but, before you move you have to look at how you can secure your next home. And this can be just as chaotic and stressful as the actual moving process. You are choosing a place for you and the family to spend the next X amount of years of your lives. So it’s a choice and a decision that you have to get right as best you can. Securing your next home is all about discovering and choosing the right property. You might be a first-time buyer, or … [Read more...]

First Birthday Present Idea?

How is everyone doing?  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I had a good weekend with my family.  We didn't do a whole lot except start packing for our move next week!  I'm so excited to be moving from an apartment into a house!  So exciting!  :)  Our daughter is wondering why all of our things are going into boxes, though!  LOL.  My parents are going to take her to the mall or something when we move her things because when we rearranged her room one day she was not happy and didn't stop … [Read more...]