5 Steps to Correctly Use A Hot Air Brush

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In our daily lives of rush-hour hustle and bustle, who really does have the time to go and spend hours at a salon to prep something as consequential as your hair? But just because life isn’t perfect that shouldn’t mean that your hair can’t be perfect! And what better way to style your hair into either a sleek bob or a curly afro than to use a hot air brush? Here are 5 important tips to use your hot air brush to give you instant salon-styled hair at home without any hassle:

  1. Heat Them Up

No matter how late you are for work, do not let your hair come in contact with the hot air brush right after it has been plugged in. This may damage and ruin your hair and even result in catastrophes like hair fall. Allow the hot air brush to heat itself up and once it is at a suitable temperature, you may use it on your hair.

  1. Before Partying, Part It

To allow your hair to look gorgeous all over, it is very important to divide it into several sections and then use the hot brush. This ensures uniformity and better effectiveness and no single strand gets too much heat or pressure that may cause breakages. Thicker sections ensure equalizing the effect and optimizes heat that will not be possible if you drag your hot air brush haphazardly through your hair. You should begin parting your hair into equal bunches from the back, then to the side and finally move up to the top by taking the help of hair clips to hold up the parted sections.

  1. Brush the Bush

After the hair has been equally sectioned off and your brush has an optimum desired temperature all over, you can begin to brush your hair. For best results, brush your hair from the root (avoid scalding your scalp) to the tip, in a gentle and regular manner. Rushing it will only cause unwanted tangles and damage to the hair. Take it easy and slow and see, how within seconds, your hair looks like it has been just styled from a salon. For curling your hair, use the curling brush, with which you should brush your hair from root to tip and then wind your hair around the brush till the root and hold it in that position till about 5 seconds after which you should gently unravel it down to the tip.

  1. Moisture Alert!

Before using your hot air brush make sure that your hair is not absolutely dry but has about 20% moisture locked in it to avoid unwanted fizzing of hair. If you want to add volume to your hair, make sure you apply a hair spray and/or foam to your hair before running the drill with your hot air brush, for best results.

  1. Cool It Down

Cooling down your hair after brushing it is very important. This can be achieved by first brushing your hair and then letting it cool down for a specific amount of time. Lacking this, you will not be able to achieve a proper effect on your hair. Most hot air brushes have a ‘cool’ setting/button that you can use for your convenience, enabling the brush to automatically cool down thereby facilitating this step. If you need a brush however, go to the website.

Your hot air brush can be the key to helping you to get perfect salon styled hair right at home and can make you feel like a diva without much hassle as long as you remember these tips.

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